Computing and IT apprenticeships

There are very few businesses these days that don’t rely on computers and information technology in some form or other

See the list below for some possible careers that you might not have thought of until now.

Computing and IT apprenticeships

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“Technical theatre focuses on assisting with the lighting, sound or stage requirements of a production” Technical theatre plays a vital

“A publishing assistant supports key parts of the publishing process, from conception to production” A publishing assistant provide support for

“Building, protecting and maintaining a positive reputation for brands, organisations and individuals” Public relations (PR) and communications concerns the building,

“Public relations focuses on managing an organisation’s interaction with the media and the public” Public relations (PR) can make or

“Working within photo imagery or photography to achieve commercial and creative results” This advanced apprenticeship is designed to give apprentices

“A multi-skilled outside broadcasting engineer works on location to provide picture and sound coverage of a range of events” An

“This apprenticeship will train you in the creation and execution of a marketing plan for products or services” Marketing involves

“The live events and promotion apprenticeship focus on providing support or administration to live event teams” Live events and promotion

“A live event rigger installs infrastructure for the scenic, lighting, sound and audiovisual elements of a live event” A live

“A junior journalist creates news items using a combination of words, pictures and moving images” Journalists bring people the news

“A junior content producer for a wide range of media, including digital, social media, broadcast and print” A junior content

“A junior 2D visual effects artist assists senior visual effects artists with the integration of live action footage and computer

“Taking creative ideas from inception to implementation, and producing a range of artwork and products to a brief” This apprenticeship

“A creative venue technician provides technical support for the construction, rehearsal, presentation and removal of a live performance or event”

“Working in a creative sector or digital medium, from designing apps to producing radio or television programmes” This advanced apprenticeship

“A broadcast engineer ensures the technical quality of picture, sound and data broadcasts” Playing a vital role in delivering technically

“An assistant visual effects technical director supports visual effects projects by providing technical assistance to creative departments, troubleshooting workflow issues,

“Working across a variety of organisations, a hospitality manager focuses on ensuring excellent customer experience” A hospitality manager works across

“The hospitality management apprenticeship covers managing and supervising hospitality operations, from hotels to restaurants” The hospitality management apprenticeship was developed

“A customer service specialist provides direct customer support within all sectors and organisation types” The main purpose of a customer

“A customer service practitioner provides customer service products and services for businesses and other organisations, through face-to-face, telephone, digital and

“The contact centre apprenticeship covers the use of communication technology from hubs to provide a way for people to get in

“A warehouse operative carriers out a range of moving, packaging and stock-taking roles and duties in a warehouse environment” As

A supply chain practitioner in fast moving consumer goods organises and coordinates a network of interconnected businesses in the provision of goods and

“A supply chain operator manages the movement of goods across all sectors and distances for a range of customers, from

“A supply chain officer organises, prepares, sends and tracks the delivery of goods” Every organisation has to buy goods and

“A supply chain manager is responsible for critical evaluation and analysis of suppliers and contracts” Every organisation has to buy

“A product design and development engineer uses engineering techniques to bring new products to life or redesign existing products” A

“A process automation engineer is involved at all stages in the lifecycle of an integrated control and safety system” The

“Playing a vital role in the printing process to produce printed matter such as packaging” Print and printed packaging serves

“A packaging professional leads on technical packaging delivery programmes and projects for a multitude of products” The fundamental role of

“The logistics operations apprenticeship covers managing the movement of goods from a supplier, ensuring that they arrive on time” Logistics

“A surveying technician collects information from site inspections to inform advice given to clients on land, property or construction” The

“A project controls technician analyses progress and performance data on engineering, manufacturing, construction and infrastructure projects” A project controls technician

“A facilities management supervisor manages the working environment for an organisation’s employees and services within industrial and commercial buildings” At

“A digital engineering technician completes complex tasks using digital engineering techniques such as virtualisation and simulation of design, construction and

“A civil engineer provides technical and management input to develop design solutions for complex civil engineering problems” As a civil

“A chartered surveyor provides professional advice and recommendations to clients on land, property or construction” As a chartered surveyor advising

“An investment operations technician supports teams that carry out investment transactions on behalf of individuals or organisations” An investment operations

“An investment operations administrator provides operational and administrative support in investment management teams” An investment operations administrator works within the

“The dental practice manager oversees all non-clinical aspects of a dental surgery, leading the practice team and achieving excellent patient

“A unified communications troubleshooter installs equipment and software, and handles incidents and requests for help across unified communications technologies” As

“A unified communications technician sets up and maintains communications systems under supervision, and installs communication hardware and software” A unified

“A software tester carries out tests to make sure that computer software works as intended and is fit for purpose”

“A software development technician builds simple applications for use in larger software developments” As a software development technician, you’ll work

“A software developer builds and tests simple, high-quality code for software” The primary role of a software developer is to

“Social media and digital marketing involves the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and the internet to market

“A network engineer designs, installs, maintains and supports communication networks within an organisation or between organisations” The primary role of

“An IT technical salesperson sells products and services such as data storage and cloud services for a company” Over the course

“The infrastructure technician sets users up on systems, provides support and solves problems to help organisations run smoothly” An infrastructure