Computing and IT apprenticeships

There are very few businesses these days that don’t rely on computers and information technology in some form or other

See the list below for some possible careers that you might not have thought of until now.

Computing and IT apprenticeships

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“An investment operations technician supports teams that carry out investment transactions on behalf of individuals or organisations” An investment operations

“An investment operations administrator provides operational and administrative support in investment management teams” An investment operations administrator works within the

“The dental practice manager oversees all non-clinical aspects of a dental surgery, leading the practice team and achieving excellent patient

“A unified communications troubleshooter installs equipment and software, and handles incidents and requests for help across unified communications technologies” As

“A unified communications technician sets up and maintains communications systems under supervision, and installs communication hardware and software” A unified

“A software tester carries out tests to make sure that computer software works as intended and is fit for purpose”

“A software development technician builds simple applications for use in larger software developments” As a software development technician, you’ll work

“A software developer builds and tests simple, high-quality code for software” The primary role of a software developer is to

“Social media and digital marketing involves the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and the internet to market

“A network engineer designs, installs, maintains and supports communication networks within an organisation or between organisations” The primary role of

“An IT technical salesperson sells products and services such as data storage and cloud services for a company” Over the course

“The infrastructure technician sets users up on systems, provides support and solves problems to help organisations run smoothly” An infrastructure

“An information systems business analyst works with organisations to improve their information systems” An information systems business analyst is an advisory role that

“A geospatial survey technician collects geospatial data for a wide range of uses including the creation of maps and proper

“Geospatial mapping and science involves the interpretation and analysis of data relating to geographic position on the earth’s surface” Geospatial

“A digital marketing manager leads on the creation and execution of a digital marketing strategy” As a digital marketing manager,

“A digital marketer uses online and social media platforms to design, build and implement campaigns and drive customer sales” A

“Digital learning design involves the development and implementation of digital content for education and training” With more and more businesses

“A digital and technology solutions professional creates digital and technology solutions that enable businesses to develop new products and services

“A digital and technology solution specialist investigates, identifies and implements technological strategic solutions” A digital and technology solution specialist maintains

“The data scientist finds information in diverse datasets using a scientific approach, to address complex problems and improve organisational processes”

“A data analyst collects, organises and studies data to provide business insight” A data analyst manages, cleanses, abstracts and aggregates

“The cyber security technologist manages and deals with cyber threats, hazards and risks to protect an organisation’s IT systems and

“The cyber intrusion analyst detects breaches in network security, understands alerts and informs the incident response team about system breaches”

“A senior metrology technician manages resources and measurement activities and implements processes and techniques that are sustainable” Metrology is the

“A science industry process/plant engineer apprentice is involved in process design and manufacture of chemical-, biological- or science-based technology, industrial

“A metrology technician identifies measurement needs and planning and performing measurement tasks using tools, equipment, instrumentation and software programs” Metrology

“Working in commercial litigation, debt recovery and insolvency or personal injury, supporting solicitors and barristers” The legal workforce is varied

“Progressing legal matters and transactions, and applying legal knowledge and commercial judgement to produce solutions that meet clients’ needs” The

“A leader who has senior management responsibility” A senior leader has management responsibility within a public or private organisation, likely

“The regulatory compliance officer performs regulatory services functions and supports compliance activities” Well designed and enforced regulation plays a vital

  “A recruitment resourcer identifies, attracts and shortlists candidates for the recruitment process to fulfil the requirements of the business

“The recruitment consultant attracts candidates and matches them to temporary or permanent job positions within new and existing client companies”

“As a recruitment apprentice, you will source and place candidates for employers” Effective recruitment ensures that organisations have the right

“Project management apprentices learn to deliver projects and take on responsibility for end-to-end delivery” As a project management apprentice, you’ll

“Project management involves overseeing complex and challenging projects from inception to completion” Successful project delivery is at the heart of

“A paralegal provides legal support, including administrative tasks, carrying out research, and drafting legal documents and forms” The paralegal apprenticeship

“Overseeing employees or departments to make sure they carry out assigned duties as required” Management and leadership skills have a

“As a librarian, managing access to information, resources, materials and facilities” The profession, once known as ‘librarianship’, has taken on

“Provide business advice to public, private and not-for-profit organisations” Management consultants provide business advice to public, private and not-for-profit organisations,

“Working in different areas of an estate agent, completing tasks such as arranging viewings and accompanying colleagues on site visits

“Providing independent, objective assurance and consulting activity to add value and improve an organisation’s operations” Internal audit professionals are recognised

“Using a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes” The role

“Responsible for delivery and coaching of improvement activity within an area of responsibility” Improvement technicians are responsible for the delivery

“Identify and lead the delivery of change across organisational functions and processes” Improvement practitioners use a blend of lean and

“Handling day-to-day queries and providing HR advice ranging from recruitment through to retirement” HR professionals employed in a support capacity

“Providing HR expertise within a company or organisation” In this role, which is interchangeably referred to a consultant or business partner,

“Supporting solicitors and barristers by carrying out legal work” The general legal workforce is varied and ranges from those working

“Buying the goods and services that enable an organisation to operate” The work of procurement and supply professionals includes the

“Delivering value to business customers” Business-to-business sales is multi-faceted. It involves leading on long-term, complex propositions, such as multiple pricing