Apprenticeship choices

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With more than 400 options, you’re spoilt for choice in your search for an apprenticeship

There are more than 400 apprenticeships profiled here. They’re organised by sector to make it easier for you to find which ones may appeal to you, as well as school subject and skill and interest to simplify selection further. Where two apprenticeships appear similar, it’s probably because they’re offered at different levels, with one representing an entry level position and the other designed to train you for management responsibilities.

But how do you identify an apprenticeship that may interest you and warrant further research? How do you match who you are now with what you want to do with the rest of your life? These are important and complicated questions, but they needn’t be difficult to answer.

Apprenticeship programmes are organised in 18 different sections depending on the industry involved. There are more than 450 different apprenticeships available covering pretty much every sort of career you can think of. Browse the industry sectors to find an apprenticeship to suit you.

Choosing the right apprenticeship is easier if you can search by what you are interested in. Not sure where to start? Try picking a school subject that you like and see if you can find an apprenticeship that would suit you.

Are you looking for a job in the great outdoors? Do you want to work with people? Or in an office environment? Maybe you’re just not sure where to start. Choosing an apprenticeship can be a hard decision, so we’ve broken down the opportunities by how you like to work. Whatever you like doing, we can help you to find the right apprenticeship for you.