If you love PE, and would like to find a career that keeps you active, have a look at the apprenticeships listed here.

Below, you can find a broad selection of apprenticeship industries that encourage fitness and active outdoor work that is guaranteed to keep you on your toes. Although many of the apprenticeships listed are not sport-related, a great deal will require grit, teamwork and good physical health, just like a football match or a few games of tennis. If you find yourself motivated by keeping fit, working with your hands or being part of a team, then you are very likely to find something here to suit you.

These include apprenticeships in the Construction industry and the Sport and fitness sector but there are loads of other options that will help keep you on the go.


A team leader or supervisor is a first line management role, with operational and project responsibilities. You will learn how

The Aviation Operations on the Ground apprenticeship covers some of the main jobs involved in supporting the ‘taking off and

The Rail Services apprenticeship covers the many occupations that help to deliver rail services to the millions of passengers that

The UK outdoors sector is vibrant, exciting and growing. It is particularly suited to those with a passion and enthusiasm

The Coaching apprenticeship is designed for those who wish to gain a broad but solid foundation to allow them to

The health and fitness industry is made up of private health clubs and gyms that are publicly run through local

Places with leisure and recreation facilities range from leisure and recreation centres to caravan and holiday parks. From swimming pools

Play is important in every child’s life, helping to develop valuable social skills that form the foundation of a healthy

Event stewards, marshals and ground safety officers are responsible for ensuring the health, safety and security of spectators attending large-scale

This dedicated Advanced Level apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence has been designed to meet the needs of young and talented athletes

Sports development aims to improve access to sport and physical activity for people of all ages and abilities, to develop

The Supporting Teaching and Learning in Physical Education and School Sport apprenticeship is for anyone who wants to work with children,

The Cleaning and Environmental Services apprenticeship has two pathways: Cleaning, covering many aspects of professional cleaning, and Local Environmental Services,

The Community Safety apprenticeship is designed to train people to advise communities on safety issues. The main focus is on minimising

Custodial care services play a crucial part in the day-to-day running of the Justice System. At Intermediate Level, apprentices support

HM Forces continually recruit young people from all walks of life who are interested in securing a career within the

The Advanced Level Policing apprenticeship, developed with the support of the Royal Military Police (with involvement from other Defence Police

Security officers are generally responsible for protecting people and property from injury, loss or damage caused through theft, vandalism, fire

Supporting teaching and learning in schools apprenticeship

Learning support staff, such as teaching assistants, play a vital role in today’s classrooms by supporting pupils, parents and colleagues

Tugs assist with the movement of larger ships in and out of port so that they may safely dock and

For anybody who wants to work on vessels operating on inland waterways and limited distances to sea, the Boatmaster apprenticeship

Marinas and boatyards are busy places where boats have to be moved, moored and lifted for maintenance safely and following

Merchant Navy (deck or engineering)

The Advanced Level Merchant Navy (deck or engineering) apprenticeship is an excellent progression pathway if you are already working in

Seafishing apprenticeship

The Seafishing apprenticeship pathway is an excellent way into the industry for anybody who wants to work on fishing vessels. You

Specialist workboats are used for a whole host of activities that support the marine industry. They operate as landing craft,

Building products industry occupations apprenticeship

The building products industry plays a key role in the supply of essential products to the construction industry, including bricks,

Removals operatives move office and other furniture and goods to new premises or into storage. Their work may include European

The Mail and package distribution apprenticeship deals with the collection, processing and delivery of mail. Mail services accounts for roughly

Warehousing and storage apprenticeship

The Warehousing and Storage apprenticeship deals with the movement and storage of goods, and is an essential part of logistics

Children and young people’s workforce apprenticeship

The children and young people’s workforce apprenticeship is suitable if you are looking to join the Children and Young People’s

Learning Support practitioners work in a variety of roles providing opportunities to help people to learn, achieve and make progress

Youth work apprenticeship

Youth work is about providing young people with challenges and new experiences by allowing them to be creative, active and

For many years the construction industry has had a traditional apprenticeship programme covering the craft occupations in a range of

The Higher Apprenticeship in Construction Management has been developed to provide career progression and professional development opportunities for higher technicians,

Chartered surveyors measure, value, protect and enhance the world’s greatest physical assets, from city skyscrapers to sports stadiums, forests to

On a spa therapy apprenticeship you will learn to improve your clients’ overall wellbeing by providing a variety of body

An apprenticeship in Agriculture offers a huge range of opportunities for working on livestock or arable farms. Agriculture includes the

The Agriculture Higher Apprenticeship provides the skills, knowledge and competence required to become a unit or assistant farm manager. The

An apprenticeship in Environmental Conservation covers roles that deal with the protection of rural and urban landscapes, plants and animals,

This Advanced Level Farriery apprenticeship is the only route in Great Britain to become qualified as a registered farrier. Farriery,

Golf greenkeepers are responsible for the maintenance, care and overall appearance of a golf course. It is their job to

Game and wildlife management is about looking after areas managed for shooting, actively managing wildlife habitats and making sure that

On a Sports Turf Operative apprenticeship, you will be responsible for the maintenance, renovation and overall appearance of one or