Whether you strive to be the next archaeologist to uncover a long-forgotten medieval city, or seek to use your knowledge of history to become an art curator, using history as a basis for choosing an apprenticeship can lead to some exciting and unique career opportunities

Check out the apprenticeships listed below for opportunities that will put your knowledge of the past to exciting uses in the future.


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“The cultural and heritage venue operations apprenticeships covers protecting and maintaining historical documents, buildings and collections for the benefit of

“A paralegal provides legal support, including administrative tasks, carrying out research, and drafting legal documents and forms” The paralegal apprenticeship

“A conveyancer is responsible for legal matters relating to the transfer of ownership of land or property, managing client portfolios

“Supporting solicitors and barristers by carrying out legal work” The general legal workforce is varied and ranges from those working

“Preservation, restoration, re-manufacture, service and repair of historic engineering achievements” Heritage engineering technicians work on heritage artefacts that are unique

“Supporting licensed conveyancers with legal matters relating to the transfer of ownership of land or property” Conveyancing technicians work under

Court, tribunal and prosecution operations apprenticeship

The Court, Tribunal and Prosecution Operations apprenticeship will give a broad understanding of the Civil and Criminal Justice System and a

Employment-related services describes the delivery of contracts or services that help people into employment, or support them to sustain an

Licensed conveyancer – Degree Apprenticeship

Licensed conveyancers are specialist property lawyers who deal with all legal matters relating to the transfer of ownership of land