Art and DT apprenticeships

If you’re creative, you’ll relish the opportunity to find an apprenticeship that lets you express yourself

Check out the apprenticeships listed below for opportunities to unleash your creative streak.


Art and DT apprenticeships

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“A boatbuilder constructs boats such as yachts, workboats and superyachts, and refits and repairs existing boats” A boatbuilder constructs yachts,

“A marine engineer designs and oversees testing, installation, and repair of marine apparatus and equipment” A marine engineer works on

“Technical theatre focuses on assisting with the lighting, sound or stage requirements of a production” Technical theatre plays a vital

“Signmaking involves producing high-quality signage for a range of purposes, using multiple techniques” The signmaking industry deals with the design,

“Working within photo imagery or photography to achieve commercial and creative results” This advanced apprenticeship is designed to give apprentices

“A junior content producer for a wide range of media, including digital, social media, broadcast and print” A junior content

“A junior 2D visual effects artist assists senior visual effects artists with the integration of live action footage and computer

“Taking creative ideas from inception to implementation, and producing a range of artwork and products to a brief” This apprenticeship

“The cultural and heritage venue operations apprenticeships covers protecting and maintaining historical documents, buildings and collections for the benefit of

“A creative venue technician provides technical support for the construction, rehearsal, presentation and removal of a live performance or event”

“Working in a creative sector or digital medium, from designing apps to producing radio or television programmes” This advanced apprenticeship

“Community arts involves helping to plan, promote and run local events for the benefit of the community” Community arts helps

“A broadcast engineer ensures the technical quality of picture, sound and data broadcasts” Playing a vital role in delivering technically

“A broadcast production assistant provides support and assistance to help with the delivery of content for television or radio shows”

“A bespoke tailor and cutter produces tailored clothing that is cut and made to a unique pattern for an individual”

“An assistant visual effects technical director supports visual effects projects by providing technical assistance to creative departments, troubleshooting workflow issues,

“A watchmaker uses their skill and labour to service and repair a range of watches, including quartz and mechanical, both

“A textile manufacturing operative ensures the consistency of textile production in a manufacturing facility” A textile manufacturing operative is employed

“A textile care operative provides laundry services and often product rental, to a wide range of sectors in the UK”

“A military survival equipment fitter maintains military aircraft and personal survival equipment” The military survival equipment fitter will maintain aircraft

“A sewing machinist makes sewn products that meet specifications and quality criteria” A sewing machinist can be employed by a

“A product design and development engineer uses engineering techniques to bring new products to life or redesign existing products” A

“A process automation engineer is involved at all stages in the lifecycle of an integrated control and safety system” The

“Playing a vital role in the printing process to produce printed matter such as packaging” Print and printed packaging serves

“A papermaker works as a machine operator or an assistant in the overall papermaking process, converting raw materials into paper

“A packaging professional leads on technical packaging delivery programmes and projects for a multitude of products” The fundamental role of

“An organ builder designs, manufactures and assembles the components required in a pipe organ” An organ builder uses their skill

“Designing and making high-quality jewellery” The jewellery manufacturing, silversmithing and allied trades apprenticeship matches a number of interests, including engineering,

“Improving operational performance focuses on roles in engineering or manufacturing operations within a variety of sectors” The improving operational performance

“Working in glass manufacture, repair or installation, across a variety of sectors” The glass industry is highly technical yet all

“Producing and restoring a range of furniture, furnishings and interiors to high standards of quality” Furniture, furnishings and interiors cover

“A furniture manufacturer makes all kinds of beds, furniture and their related furnishings in a workshop or factory” The ability

“A footwear manufacturer produces children’s, ladies’ or men’s shoes, boots, sports and dance footwear, trainers or slippers within a factory

“Supporting the fashion and textiles sector at one of the key points in the supply chain, from production to delivery”

“A tunnelling operative builds the underground tunnels needed for services such as rail lines and water works” The primary role

“A trade supplier ensures an efficient flow of goods and services between manufacturers and their skilled trade customer base” As

“Trade business involves servicing and building relationships with local tradespeople to support them in the design, ordering, purchasing and delivery

“A steel fixer assembles and installs steelworks required to strengthen reinforced concrete structures” The primary role of a steel fixer

“A plumbing and domestic heating technician plans, selects, installs, services, commissions and maintains all aspects of plumbing and heating systems”

“A plasterer prepares walls and ceilings for decoration and finishing” As a plasterer apprentice, you’ll specialise in either solid or

“A piling attendant assists in driving, boring and forming piles in the ground in order to provide firm support for

“A painter and decorator works in domestic and commercial properties and undertakes the decoration and protection of buildings” A painter

“A mineral processing mobile and static plant operator runs and maintains heavy mobile plant equipment such as excavators, dumper trucks

“A lifting technician prepares and operates different cranes to lift and place a variety of loads in the workplace” The

“An industrial thermal insulation technician installs and applies appropriate insulation and cladding materials” An industrial thermal insulation technician creates bespoke

“A general welder works with metals to create high-strength welds in two welding positions, using at least one arc welding

“A formworker repairs, installs and manages all stages of the formwork and falsework processes” Formwork is used to form concrete

“A digital engineering technician completes complex tasks using digital engineering techniques such as virtualisation and simulation of design, construction and

  “Civil engineering site management involves organising the work on building projects, making sure that the work is completed safely,

“A chartered surveyor provides professional advice and recommendations to clients on land, property or construction” As a chartered surveyor advising