An apprenticeship will help you to earn a career

Public services are critical and include education, fire services, police and many more besides. People who work in public services go home at the end of the week with more than just a pay cheque. They know their work helps other people and makes our society a better place.

Apprenticeships in this sector cover a broad range of roles and careers, including teaching, firefighting, and housing the homeless. In such a large sector, working environments and the skills you need will vary, but there is a broad slant toward helping people, whether it’s learning to read, saving lives or finding someone a place to sleep.

There are 30 apprenticeships in this sector. New for 2018 is the teacher degree apprenticeship, which will train you to teach pupils from aged 3 to 19 years. There are also teaching support apprenticeships if you do not want to go for full qualification.

On the emergency services front, the police constable degree apprenticeship is new for the year. As an apprentice, you’ll train in the exercise of wide-ranging powers to maintain the peace and uphold the law across complex and diverse communities.

Interests and skills

Consider a career in public services if you enjoy helping people, physical activity and aren’t afraid of accountability. Jobs can be highly demanding, but the rewards are many

School subjects

The school subjects that may prepare you for an apprenticeship in public services include:

  • English
  • PE
  • ICT
Further reading

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