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Manufacturing, processing and logistics deals with products, from their creation to their delivery. The sector is responsible for almost every good in some way, be it the bricks and concrete used in construction, the food stocked in supermarkets, or the drugs used to treat patients.

Manufacturing and processing apprenticeships focus on textiles, food, furniture, glass, metals and printing, among others, and offer the opportunity to train in different roles, from operating huge machines in a factory to working with hand tools in a small workshop. The logistics apprenticeships deal with a range of functions, such as inventory management, warehousing, distribution, transport, and customer service.

There are 35 apprenticeships on offer in this sector. New for 2018 is the brewer apprenticeship, a diverse role that encompasses different tasks and responsibilities depending on the employer, which range from large-scale producers to micro-breweries. There is also the food and drink advanced engineer degree apprenticeship, which will train you to deliver efficient, effective and high performance food and drink production processes and systems, as well as the international freight forwarding specialist apprenticeship, an administrative role in which you’ll ensure that the company you work for and its clients remain compliant with all applicable customs, import and export laws and regulations.

Interests and skills

Consider a career in manufacturing, processing and logistics if you enjoy making things and have a talent for problem solving.

School subjects

The school subjects that may prepare you for an apprenticeship in manufacturing, processing and logistics include:

  • DT
  • Science
  • Geography
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