An apprenticeship allows you to tinker with your future until you’re working just right

The world is alive with technology. Washing machines, televisions, computers, central heating boilers, cars, trains, aircraft—the list of devices and systems that we use and enjoy on a daily basis is almost limitless. Each and every piece of technology requires a legion of skilled people making sure their part of the system functions as it should—from the plumber mending a broken pipe to the team of electricians wiring up an office block to an engineer servicing a broken escalator.

The apprenticeships available in this sector cover a range of industries and professions, many of them specialist in nature to suit the particular demands of certain roles. Aerospace software engineers develop, modify and upgrade the systems that control aircraft, while composites technicians combine materials to form a lighter and stronger rigid structure as an alternative to metal. The electronic product service and installation engineer will install and service a range of domestic and commercial equipment, from washing machines and microwaves in the kitchen, laundrette or restaurant, to television and audio equipment in the living room. There are many careers on offer in this sector.

In total, there are 30 apprenticeships, offering many more roles. New for 2018 is the leisure and entertainment engineering technician, which will train you to maintain attractions and rides ranging from hydraulic powered roller coasters to small merry-go-rounds. The ordnance munitions and explosives professional degree apprenticeship, meanwhile, offers the opportunity to work with ‘energetic’ hazardous materials such as explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics.

Interests and skills

Consider a career in engineering and electrical if you are good with electronics and fixing things. Jobs can be undertaken across technologies and sectors, in a range of highly skilled roles and functions.

School subjects

The school subjects that may prepare you for an apprenticeship in engineering and electrical include:

  • Science
  • Maths
  • Geography
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