The super highway to a career is an apprenticeship

Technology is fast becoming the biggest career opportunity for young people. At a time when companies such as Amazon and Apple are being valued at $1 trillion, and everyone has access to the web through their smartphones and other devices, there is an increased need for highly trained professionals to ensure that devices and systems run smoothly, are protected from cyber threats, and can be utilised to connect users and businesses.

There are apprenticeships that cover the creation, implementation and use of hardware and software, giving you an array of choices if you want to focus on a career in this ever important sector. If you’re handy with computers and know your USB ports from your WiFI connections, there are various technician apprenticeships available to develop your skills. Those with a creative streak can train in software coding and testing, to create video games, mobile apps and so much more in the digital age. This sector also covers apprenticeships in cyber security, as organisations in the public and private spheres become high-value targets for technology savvy criminals.

There are 24 apprenticeships in this sector. New for this year is the data scientist degree apprenticeship, which will train you to find information in diverse datasets to address complex problems and improve organisational processes, as well as the digital market degree apprenticeship, whose aim is to train the next generation of leaders and managers in the online marketing space.

Interests and skills

Consider a career in digital and ICT if you enjoy working with computers and smart devices, and have a flair for technology. Jobs can be undertaken across industries and businesses, as the need for talented technologists is widespread.

School subjects

The school subjects that may prepare you for an apprenticeship in digital and ICT include:

  • ICT
  • English
Further reading

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