Industry sectors

Apprenticeship programmes are organised in 17 different sections depending on the industry involved.

There are over 250 different apprenticeships available covering pretty much every sort of career you can think of.

Browse the industry sectors listed below to find an apprenticeship to suit you.

Agricultural & land-based industries

The agricultural, land-based and environmental industries play a key role in both the national global economies. In the UK alone, the sector is worth more than £8.9 billion per year and employs over a million people and 500,000 volunteers... read more

Beauty and wellbeing

If you are looking for a rewarding and diverse career that can bring you not just glamour and excitement, but the real rewards of hard work and dedication as well, then a job in the beauty and wellbeing industry may be for you.... read more

Business and IT

The Business and IT sector covers the many different occupations that keep businesses running efficiently and profitably, and keep staff and customers happy. Millions of people work in Business and IT, and your apprenticeship could lead to a role in a number of different areas within a company... read more

Charity and volunteering

Do you want to make a difference to your community? Does your passion lie with campaigning to make a difference to the society that we live in, not only today but also for the future? Do you want to work for an organisation that helps disadvantaged people? Then an apprenticeship in the charity and volunteering sector could be the perfect opportunity for more


Apprenticeships are a recognised and valued route of entry into construction. Traditional and specialist apprenticeships cover a range of occupations, from groundworks and plant maintenance to civil engineering and joinery...
read more

Creative, media and the arts

The creative industries are very popular, with lots of competition for job roles. It’s not easy to walk into your dream job in TV or the fashion industry, so an apprenticeship can be a great way to get a foot in the door…read more

Customer service and retail

Customer service is at the heart of most business activity, so the skills gained from the apprenticeships in this section will prove valuable across a range of industries and roles…read more


The essential energy and utilities sector covers the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity; the transportation, distribution and supply of gas; the collection, purification and distribution of water; waste management and the collection and treatment of sewerage; and nuclear fuel processing. The apprenticeships in this section provide entry routes into all of these areas... read more

Engineering and electrical

The engineering and electrical sector is all about making things work. It’s a huge field, so you’ll specialise in a particular area, but there are many different options available. For example, few apprenticeships offer as many diverse pathways as the Engineering Manufacturing apprenticeship…read more


By choosing to do an apprenticeship in this area, you’ll have made a shrewd financial decision. You’ll be working towards a qualification that should see you earn a higher salary in the future. And instead of running into debt – as you’d be likely to do if you stayed in full-time education – you’ll be earning while you learn…read more

Health and care

Health and care is something we often take for granted, but couldn’t cope without. People who work in health and care go home at the end of the week with more than just a paycheque – they know their work helps other people and makes our society a better place. Apprenticeships lead into a range of careers in health care, including dispensing medicines in a pharmacy, giving eye tests, working as a dental nurse…read more

Hospitality and travel

There are some fantastic opportunities in this sector. Fancy serving cocktails in a trendy nightspot? Want to jet off around the world as a holiday rep or aircraft cabin crew? Or maybe you’d like to feel the buzz of working in a busy kitchen during the Saturday night rush. An apprenticeship in this section could lead you into any of these careers and…read more

Manufacturing, processing and logistics

Almost every object you see has been manufactured or processed in some way, which is why the processing and manufacturing industry is so important. It deals with producing things on an industrial scale, which keeps all the other industries supplied with the materials needed to do their job…read more


As a nation surrounded by water, Britain has a rich maritime history. Today, the marine industry continues to play a key part in our lives. Ninety-five per cent of Britain’s international trade comes and goes by sea, while millions of passengers leave and arrive at our ports every year. Boats play a part in our leisure lives as well – from rowing to sailing…read more

Public services

Public services are often things we take for granted, but couldn’t cope without – education, fire services, waste management, social services, healthcare, police and all those other things. Apprenticeships in this sector could lead you into very different careers including youth work, classroom support, working as a firefighter, and housing the homeless…read more

Sport and fitness

The sport and fitness industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. It covers all aspects of sport and recreation from professional sport to exercise instruction – including work in leisure centres, gyms, swimming pools, stadiums, and private sports clubs, as well as a range of outdoor activities…read more

Vehicles and transport

Motor vehicles have changed life beyond all recognition. Twenty miles used to be a day’s journey – now it’s a normal commute. Vehicle transport plays an essential role in most people’s lives, which explains how the industry has grown to such great size and importance. This section in the guide covers two distinct sectors: the automotive industry (or ‘retail motor industry’) and passenger transport. …read more