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With more than 500 options, you’re spoilt for choice in your search for an apprenticeship

There are more than 500 apprenticeships profiled here. They’re organised by sector to make it easier for you to find which ones may appeal to you, as well as school subject, skill and interest, salary band and level to simplify selection further. Where two apprenticeships appear similar, it’s probably because they’re offered at different levels, with one representing an entry level position and the other designed to train you for management responsibilities.

But how do you identify an apprenticeship that may interest you and warrant further research? How do you match who you are now with what you want to do with the rest of your life? These are important and complicated questions, but they needn’t be difficult to answer.

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Countryside worker

Carry out specific environmental and conservation tasks Countryside workers are the custodians of our rural outdoor scenery, so you will help to conserve the environment that makes the English countryside

Environmental practitioner

Provide a high level of professional environmental expertise Once confined to conservation, waste management and pollution prevention, the environmental practitioner role has become more mainstream, entering into many areas of

Golf course manager

Oversee the management of the golf course, resources and staff  A golf course manager needs excellent management skills as well as a high level of technical, agronomic and mechanical knowledge

Environmental health practitioner

Enable people to live and work in safe, healthy environment As an environmental health practitioner, most likely for a local authority, you’ll work in a range of settings, from residential

Sustainability business specialist

Find new and innovative approaches to working Sustainability business specialists help companies, public services and non-profit organisations identify and implement policies to manage the resources used and the waste generated

Animal trainer

Plan, manage, deliver and review the training of animals An animal trainer uses positive, reward-based training methods and practices. This includes training the animal to undertake specific tasks, or more

Steel fixer

Assemble and install steelworks required to strengthen reinforced concrete structures The primary role of a steel fixer is to assemble and erect the steel components required to strengthen reinforced concrete

Construction quantity surveying technician

Monitor and control the costs of and contracts arising from construction projects A construction quantity surveying technician monitors and controls the costs of and contracts arising from construction projects. Based

Facilities management supervisor

Manage the working environment within industrial and commercial buildings At a corporate level, an effective facilities management supervisor contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On a day-to-day


Lay bricks, blocks and other types of building components in mortar Bricklaying is a core function within construction, particularly the house building sector. As an apprentice bricklayer, you’ll train to

Construction design and build technician

Assist with essential building tasks such as building plans and designs As a construction design and build technician, you will be helping to coordinate design information on construction projects and

Building services engineering craftsperson

Design, install and service systems used to heat large buildings A building services engineering craftsperson undertakes the installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and decommissioning of large-scale engineering systems that are used


Use craft, art or skill to design, shape and join metal components by hot forging and other metal working processes As a blacksmith, you will use your craft to design,

PR and communications assistant

Build, protect and maintain a positive reputation for brands, organisations and individuals Public relations (PR) and communications concerns the building, protecting and maintaining of positive reputations for brands, organisations and

Cultural heritage conservator

Protect, preserve and conserve objects or collections of objects As an apprentice, you’ll combine practical skills with your knowledge of art history, architecture, science, changing fashions and lifestyles to understand

Live event rigger

Install infrastructure for the scenic, lighting, sound and audiovisual elements of a live event A live event rigger sets up the stage, lighting, sound and audio-visual elements of a live


Preserve and protect items of unique and often irreplaceable artistic, historic, cultural or scientific importance A registrar in the creative and cultural sectors operates behind the scenes to enable access

Fashion studio assistant

Work with the team that creates a collection The fashion studio assistant is a key position in the designer industry, working with the team that creates a collection. This apprenticeship

Coaching professional

Provide skills coaching to individuals and teams There has been a growing demand for the professionalisation of coaching to include one-to-one coaching, team coaching, leadership coaching and for coaching skills

Chartered legal executive

Provide legal services to clients and colleagues The chartered legal executive is a recent innovation in the legal sector, offering an alternative route into law. On completion of the apprenticeship,

Career development professional

Assist individuals and organisations with career strategies A career development professional assists individuals and organisations with the development of long- and short-term career strategies at times of significant transition, such

Licensed conveyancer

Manage client portfolios and provide conveyancing legal services A licensed conveyancer is a specialist property lawyer who deals with all legal matters arising from the transfer of ownership of land

Recruitment consultant

Attract candidates and match them to temporary or permanent job positions A career as a recruitment consultant can appeal to those individuals who possess an entrepreneurial outlook. It will provide

Business-to-business sales professional

Deliver commercial benefit to a number of customers or a complex, high-value account Business-to-business sales is multi-faceted. It involves leading on long-term, complex propositions, such as multiple pricing options or

Customer service practitioner

The first point of contact for a business and its customers As a customer service practitioner, your core responsibility will be to provide a high-quality service to customers, which will

Retail leader

Achieve excellence in customer service and profitability A retail leader demonstrates strategic vision and drive to achieve excellence in customer service and profitability. As a retail leader, you’ll act as


Sell fish and seafood products, and advise customers on how to prepare them Fishmongers are responsible for preparing and selling fish, and shellfish products, to members of the public. As


Help customers buy products or services from retail organisations A retailer assists customers when they purchase products and services, which requires a good understanding of the stock being sold, the

Assistant buyer/merchandiser

Source, select, maintain and deliver the right products to meet demand and business objectives An assistant buyer or merchandiser understands the brand and customer in order to source, select, maintain

Retail team leader

Guide and coordinate staff, their work and sales within a retail environment A retail team leader provides critical support to managers, delivering exceptional customer service and a positive experience to

Geospatial survey technician

Gather geographic data for a wide range of uses A geospatial survey technician collects data relating to geographic positions on the earth’s surface for use in the creation of maps,

Data scientist

Find information in diverse datasets to address complex problems Data science is a broad and fast-moving field spanning maths and statistics, software engineering and communications. As a data scientist apprentice,

Cyber intrusion analyst

Detect breaches in network security, understand alerts and inform the incident response team about system breaches The primary role of a cyber intrusion analyst is to detect breaches in network

Geospatial mapping and science specialist

Interpret and analyse data relating to geographic position on the earth’s surface Geospatial mapping and science specialists interpret and analyse geospatial data and use leading edge digital technology such as

Unified communications technician

Set up and maintain communications systems A unified communications technician establishes and maintains communications systems, such as telephone and internet, under supervision. In this role, you’ll use a range of

Digital marketer

Use online and social media platforms to design, build and implement campaigns and drive customer sales A digital marketer uses multiple means and methods to define, design, build and implement

Plate welder

“A plate welder manually welds plate and structural components to high standards of quality” A plate welder manually welds plate and structural components to high standards of quality. This work

Leisure and entertainment engineering technician

“A leisure and entertainment engineering technician is responsible for the safe maintenance of park rides, machinery and equipment” Attractions and rides, ranging from hydraulic-powered roller coasters, to small merry-go-rounds, are

Pipe welder

“A pipe welder manually welds tubes and pipes to high standards of quality and integrity using manual arc welding processes” A pipe welder manually welds tubes and pipes to high

Aerospace engineer

“An aerospace engineer operates aircraft components and equipment, specialising in a specific engineering discipline, such as airframe, design and stress, systems integration, support engineering, or manufacturing engineering” As an aerospace

Maintenance and operations engineering technician

“A maintenance and operations engineering technician maintains the safety, integrity and effective operation of plant and equipment in industries that are part of the national infrastructure engineering sector” The maintenance


“An engineer develops innovative solutions to complex technical engineering problems” This engineering degree apprenticeship is designed to arm you with the skills and specialist knowledge that you’ll need to excel

Nuclear scientist / engineer

“A nuclear scientist / engineer ensures nuclear systems and equipment operate safely and efficiently and in an environmentally sustainable way” As a nuclear scientist / engineer apprentice, you’ll develop the

Gas industry

“Laying, repairing and maintaining gas services and main pipes, as well as installing plumbing and heating systems” The gas industry apprenticeship covers distribution and installation, with a broadness that caters

Gas engineering operative

“A gas engineering operative installs and maintains gas appliances in a domestic or non-domestic setting, advising customers on how appliances work and how to use energy more efficiently” As an

Power engineer

“A power engineer develops and applies new technologies to improve safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness within the energy sector” A power engineer works in generation, transmission or distribution, and use their

Gas network team leader

“A gas network team leader builds, maintains and repairs the country’s gas network infrastructure to provide a reliable supply of gas to domestic, commercial and industrial users” The gas network

Utilities engineering technician

“A utilities engineering technician carries out reactive and routine maintenance on equipment to ensure safety and efficiency” A utilities engineering technician performs reactive and routine maintenance on equipment to ensure

Professional services

“On the professional services apprenticeship, you’ll work in tax, auditing or accountancy, preparing financial accounts, tax returns or reporting on internal financial controls” The higher apprenticeship in professional services will


“Accounting involves working in an accounts department, helping a business or organisation to manage its finances properly” The accounting apprenticeship is designed to prepare you for a number of roles

Professional accounting or tax technician

“A professional accounting or tax technician works as an accountant or bookkeeper for an accounting practice, business, organisations or HMRC” A professional accounting or tax technician will be responsible for

Compliance or risk officer

“A compliance or risk officer gives basic advice to financial services organisations on the rules they must follow—such as those about data security or preventing money laundering” All financial services

Financial services administrator

“A financial services administrator provides high-quality and compliant administrative support to a financial organisation” The financial services administrator serves within the financial advice market, which provides businesses with technology, compliance,

Senior compliance or risk specialist

“Senior compliance and risk specialists give high-level advice to financial services organisations on the rules they must follow, such as on data security or preventing money laundering” As a senior


“Cutting, colouring and styling hair at salons and other ideal locations” Hairdressing is a vibrant, fast-paced industry and provides a range of services to make clients look and feel better.

Beauty therapy

“Working with clients to deliver treatments that make them look and feel better” Beauty therapy covers a range of treatments, from facials to waxing to advanced treatments such as micropigmentation.

Beauty and make-up consultant

“A beauty and make-up consultant demonstrates, promotes and recommends the use, benefits and application of a range of retail beauty products” A beauty and make-up consultant works in a department

Beauty therapist

“Beauty therapy is one of the largest, trusted, professional and continually expanding industries within hair and beauty” Beauty therapy is one of the largest, trusted, professional and continually expanding industries


“Cutting the hair and facial hair of men at specialist barber shops and hairdressing salons” Barbering services are increasingly in demand, with the men’s grooming market growing consistently and specialist

Nail services technician

“A nail services technician offers a range of services for clients’ nails” A nail services technician offers a range of services for clients’ nails. In this role, you’ll work independently

Dental nurse

“The dental nurse assists other dental health professionals, providing chair-side support and a high level of patient care” The dental nurse role is designed to complement other professions. As an

Associate continuing healthcare practitioner

“An associate continuing healthcare practitioner provides packages of ongoing care that are arranged and funded solely by the NHS” The associate continuing healthcare practitioner operates within a variety of organisations


“A podiatrist is a healthcare professional specialising in the lower limb (feet, ankles and legs), providing high-quality clinical care to people of all ages” The job of the podiatrist is


“A paramedic provides high quality and compassionate care, responding to the needs of service users and carers across lifespans” A career in paramedicine is a dynamic and exciting career with

Healthcare support worker

“A healthcare support worker provides high-quality and compassionate health and social care for a wide range of people” A healthcare support worker provides high-quality and compassionate care to individuals. You’ll


“A midwife acts as an advocate for the woman, working in partnership with her and giving the necessary support, care and advice she needs during pregnancy, labour and the postnatal

Senior production chef

“A senior production chef manages a team to produce standardised dishes and menus within a kitchen environment” A senior production chef strives to produce customers’ meals consistently to perfection, according

Commercial catering equipment technician

“A commercial catering equipment technician installs, commissions, maintains and repairs commercial catering equipment” A commercial catering equipment technician installs, commissions, maintains and repairs commercial catering equipment, such as combination ovens,

Hospitality supervisor

“A hospitality supervisor supervises staff and activities within hospitality businesses, including bars, cafés, conference centres, restaurants and hotels” A hospitality supervisor provides vital support to management teams and is capable

Hospitality manager

“Working across a variety of organisations, a hospitality manager focuses on ensuring excellent customer experience” A hospitality manager works across a range of organisations including bars, restaurants, cafés, conference centres,

Catering and professional food preparation

“A catering and professional food preparation apprentice learns to prepare and serve food at restaurants, hotels, holiday accommodation, cafés, pubs and a range of other businesses” At a time when

Licensed hospitality

“Licensed hospitality covers the running of pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, hotel and venue bars” The licensed hospitality apprenticeship is designed to provide a career path at one of the many licensed

Glass industry

“Working in glass manufacture, repair or installation, across a variety of sectors” The glass industry is highly technical yet all around us, in buildings, fibre optic cables and solar panels.

Fashion and textiles product technologist

“A fashion and textiles product technologist oversees the product development cycle at sewn product manufacturers, footwear manufacturers, brands and retailers” A fashion and textiles product technologist works at sewn product

Supply chain leadership professional

“Supply chain leadership professionals are involved in procuring, producing, moving and delivering a product or service from a supplier to a customer or end-user” Supply chain leadership professionals are involved

Materials science technologist

“A materials science technologist ensures that materials are fit for purpose in terms of product innovation, performance, failure diagnosis, operational management, process and manufacturing” The materials science technologist role is

Textile care operative

“A textile care operative provides laundry services and often product rental, to a wide range of sectors in the UK” The textile care industry encompasses commercial laundry and dry and

Food technologist

“A food technologist makes sure food and drink products are of the right quality and safe to eat and drink” A food technologist is passionate about their industry and ensures

Maritime operations officer

“A maritime operations officer carries out activities required to effectively respond to maritime emergencies” A maritime operations officer works for the Coastguard, which is responsible for initiating and coordinating maritime

Marine engineer

“A marine engineer designs and oversees testing, installation, and repair of marine apparatus and equipment” A marine engineer works on boats such as yachts, commercial craft and superyachts. In this

Workboat crewmember

“A workboat crewmember works on a wide variety of specialist vessels” As a workboat crewmember, usually along with two to three personnel, you’ll work on a variety of specialist vessels,

Marine surveyor

“A marine surveyor independently verifies the structure, machinery, equipment and systems of ships and vessels” A marine surveyor independently verifies the structure, machinery, equipment and systems of ships and vessels,

Marine technical superintendent

“A marine technical superintendent is responsible for the safe and economic operation of one or more vessels” A marine technical superintendent is responsible for the safe and economic operation of

Marina and boatyard operative

“A marina and boatyard operative delivers a variety of operations and services that include vessel handling such as lifting, launching, high pressure washing off and the storage of vessels ashore”

Public sector compliance officer

“A compliance officer operating within the public sector identifies potential acts of criminality and supports civil or criminal proceedings” A compliance officer operating within the public sector identifies potential acts

Supporting teaching and learning in physical education and school sport

“Undertaking sports and physical activities at schools and other educational settings” The supporting teaching and learning in physical education and school sport apprenticeship is for anyone who wants to work

Operational firefighter

“A operational firefighter tackles a wide range of emergency situations such as tackling fires and searching for and rescuing and protecting people and animals” As a firefighter, you’ll respond to

Intelligence analyst

“An intelligence analyst identifies patterns and trends to make sense of the information and data they are handling” Working in the military, law enforcement, security, finance or commerce, an intelligence

Academic professional

“An academic professional works within the higher education sector to deliver teaching and research” In the academic professional role, you may work in universities, colleges or the private sector, primarily

Emergency service contact handling

“Responding to requests for specialist professional assistance” An emergency service or NHS integrated urgent care contact handler responds to requests for specialist professional assistance from members of the public, colleagues

Laboratory technician

“A laboratory technician provides routine and one-off testing and technical support in a scientific laboratory environment” A laboratory technician works in a range of organisations, including chemical, primary and secondary

Dental laboratory assistant

“The dental laboratory assistant works technicians, who design, make, modify and repair custom made dental devices” Many dental laboratories have opportunities for individuals who will assist, under supervision, in the

Science manufacturing process operative

“A science manufacturing process operative undertakes basic operations and monitoring of plant and equipment” The science manufacturing process operative is employed across scientific industries, including nuclear, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. As

Science industry process/plant engineer

“A science industry process/plant engineer apprentice is involved in process design and manufacture of chemical-, biological- or science-based technology, industrial or consumer products” As a science industry process/plant engineer apprentice,

Metrology technician

“A metrology technician identifies measurement needs and planning and performing measurement tasks using tools, equipment, instrumentation and software programs” Metrology is the science of measurement. Metrology takes place across a

Clinical trials specialist

“A clinical trials specialist works as part of a multi-disciplinary team focusing on the delivery and execution of phase one-to-four clinical trials in humans” The clinical trial specialist works in

Sports development

“Sports development focuses on access to sport and physical activity for people of all ages and abilities” Sports development aims to improve access to sport and physical activity for people

Community sport and health officer

“A community sport and health officer engages people in sport and physical activity across local communities” The key role of a community sport and health officer is to engage local

Spectator safety

“Spectator safety focuses on the management and direction of large numbers of people at public events” Event stewards and marshals are responsible for ensuring the health, safety and security of

Personal trainer

“A personal trainer coaches clients (on a one-to-one and small group basis) towards their health and fitness goals” Through the design and provision of creative and personalised exercise programmes and instruction,

Leisure duty manager

“A leisure duty manager oversees the day-to-day operation of a leisure facility” The leisure duty manager is in charge of the effective day-to-day ‘front line’ operation of a leisure facility,

Sporting excellence professional: Football

“A sporting professional is capable of performing consistently and effectively in training environments and competitions” This apprenticeship is applicable across football, cricket and rugby league and union. However, it’s currently

Motorcycle technician

“A motorcycle technician services and repairs motorcycles, motorised scooters, all-terrain vehicles, tricycles and vehicles where the rider sits astride the frame” A motorcycle technician services and repairs motorcycles, motorised scooters,

Rail engineering technician

“A rail engineering technician provides technical support to engineers working on the rail network and trains” A rail engineering technician provides technical support to rail engineers across the infrastructure and

Vehicle damage mechanical, electrical and trim technician

“A vehicle damage mechanical, electrical and trim technician identifies damaged mechanical and electrical components on a damaged vehicle, and removes and refits these components before and after body repair work

Passenger transport onboard and station team member

“A passenger transport onboard and station team member ensures the safe travel of passengers, their customers, themselves and their colleagues” Passenger transport service professionals make a difference by ensuring they

Vehicle sales

“Selling used and new cars from a dealership or forecourt” The vehicle sales apprenticeship prepares you for the many activities that go on in a car sales showroom. It takes

Vehicle body and paint

“Appraising and repairing vehicles that have suffered damage” The vehicle body and paint apprenticeship is about patching up damaged vehicles. From a scratched door to a dented bumper, accidents can