Where do you apply for an apprenticeship?

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There are a number of good places to begin your search for an apprenticeship

Visit the employers and providers page

This website contains listings of training providers, colleges and universities from across England, organised by region and sector. You can find vacancies, employers (and direct links to their careers pages), training providers, colleges and universities.


Find An Apprenticeship

The Find An Apprenticeship service from the National Apprenticeship Service is the chief repertoire of vacancies in England. Up 20,000 vacancies are listed on the site every year and they’re searchable by location, level and keyword. You can also browse current vacancies by sector if you’re unsure what you’re looking for.



Vacancy Snapshot

The Vacancy Snapshot is a service from Amazing Apprenticeships, which works on behalf of the government. The snapshot lists employers offering apprenticeships, giving detail information about the benefits of working for them and what vacancies they have, now and in the future. In particular, the snapshot breaks down each apprenticeship and provides a clear summary of what’s involved.



Third-party services

Apprenticeships have achieved such popularity that they now appear on mainstream recruitment websites, such as OurBob from MyPeoplePeople. Through services such as these, you’ll be able to search for apprenticeships like you would any other job, by location, salary and keywords. These websites often require registration, including an active email address.