Water process technician apprenticeship

Water process technician apprenticeship

Water process technicians perform reactive and routine tasks on equipment and processes to ensure safe and efficient operations, supporting other disciplines as necessary.

The main roles within this occupation involve working on water supply and treatment; water networks and leakage, wastewater networks and wastewater treatment.

As an apprentice you will conduct day-to-day operations to maintain clean tap water and/or effectively remove and treat waste water. Your role will involve finding faults and implementing effective solutions using a variety of equipment, instruments and IT systems. You will be working on customer or company premises so will need to treat your customers and colleagues with respect.

Working as a water process technician could see you working outside in all weather conditions, covering 24/7 operations; you will sometimes be working alone and will have to safely adapt your working methods to reflect changes in your working environment.

This apprenticeship will typically take up to 48 months to complete.


Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Water treatment technician, Water network technician, Leakage technician, Wastewater treatment technician, Wastewater network technician

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