Vehicle fitting apprenticeship

Vehicle fitting apprenticeship

The Vehicle Fitting apprenticeship deals with fast-fit operations in the motor vehicle industry.

Motor vehicle fitters, or fast-fit technicians, repair and replace tyres, batteries, exhausts and other vehicle parts, while the customer waits. They normally work in fast-fit centres alongside motor vehicle technicians, but some fitters specialise in tractors or other heavy vehicles. Whatever the specialisation, fitters must work fast and be able to communicate with customers.

As an apprentice, you’ll choose to specialise in one of two areas: fast-fit, which involves identifying, removing and replacing faulty components like tyres, batteries, and brakes; or specialist tyre fitting, which deals with removing and replacing tyres on anything from cars to tractors.

On the Advanced Level apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to supervise fast-fit operations by managing stock, organising staff and advising customers. Whether you find yourself working in a specialist fast-fit operation or in a dealership, you’ll have to be technically competent and able to work under pressure, taking account of time and cost. It’s challenging work, with job opportunities across the country.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Vehicle technician, Auto electrician

Issuing Authority:

The Institute of the Motor Industry –

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