Vehicle body and paint operations apprenticeship

Vehicle body and paint operations apprenticeship

The Vehicle body and paint operations apprenticeship is about patching up damaged vehicles. From a scratched door to a dented bumper, accidents can affect a car’s bodywork, mechanical parts and paint job.

As an apprentice, you’ll train as a technician, assessing and repairing damage, restoring body and paintwork, and carrying out automotive glazing and windscreen repair on a range of light and heavy vehicles. At Advanced Level you could be responsible for appraising vehicle damage, assessing vehicle repair methods and estimating costs.

Apprentices have the choice to focus on either mechanical, electrical and trim; body building; body repair; body refinishing; automotive glazing; windscreen repair; and assessing vehicle damage (Advanced Level).

Mechanical, electrical and trim technicians repair damaged moving parts and electronics. They assess the damage and then get at the broken parts inside by removing the bodywork (trim), they fix the internal parts, and then replace the bodywork.

Body building technicians on the other hand are responsible for measuring, marking out, cutting and assembling body panels and units from various metals and materials. They might remove standard components and fit new, custom-made parts.

Autoglazing and windscreen repair technicians replace and repair vehicle glazing within a bodyshop environment or off-site. They repair stone chips and damage on units and replace whole screens where necessary.

All apprentices need a good eye to assess damage. Each bump and scrape will present a new challenge, but you’ll feel an enormous sense of satisfaction when you have helped transform a damaged vehicle into something that works again and looks as good as new.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Mechanical, electrical and trim technicians, Body repair technician, Body refinishing technician

Issuing Authority:

The Institute of the Motor Industry –

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