A university experience that complements your career

Quality specialist Andrew is studying towards a Degree in Management and Leadership with Uni@Work

Andrew, a quality specialist with an international manufacturing company, is studying towards a BA(Hons) Degree in Management and Leadership with Uni@Work.

What led you to take this route to a degree?

“I decided to learn with Uni@Work as they provide a university education experience that is complementary to my career; it focuses on academic study that is actually relevant and applicable to the learner’s day job. By having a university qualification through Uni@Work I also strongly believe that the quality of my future career prospects will be greatly improved.”

And have your expectations been met?

“Yes, absolutely – the course content and delivery has been exceptional. I have been able to study how various academic concepts have been applied in other industries outside of my own, allowing me to bring some different best practices and ways of thinking into my day-to-day work. I have also developed my critical analysis techniques and learnt important time management skills through balancing full-time work with study.”

Do you think your Degree Apprenticeship has brought benefits to your employer as well?

“Throughout the process my knowledge and understanding of the wider business has grown significantly, enabling me to add more value to my current role. More specifically, during my final business project, and studies into customer quality, I led the creation and distribution of a customer satisfaction survey. This new tool has captured tangible feedback from a vast number of our key customer accounts, and will be used to tactically improve the service that we offer them – potentially leading to increased retention rates and market share.”