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University of Wolverhampton

At the University of Wolverhampton, we have been providing students with the opportunities presented by a first-class education for more than 180 years.

The University of Wolverhampton’s Apprenticeship Hub highlights our investment in the future of our students and the regional economy, providing employers with the solution to maximising their apprenticeship ambitions.

What we offer

In response to the development of degree apprenticeships and the apprenticeship levy, plus strong interest from local employers, the University of Wolverhampton is offering higher and degree apprenticeships to aid the development of higher level professional and technical skills.

Our aim is to:

  • Create apprenticeship opportunities
  • Upskill existing employees to address skills gaps
  • Drive the growth in the local skills base for employers’ current and future needs

We are working with a network of colleges and training providers to offer employers apprenticeships at all levels, as well as supporting individuals into apprenticeships and their progression into higher level job roles.

Develop your workforce

Bring real benefits, including higher level professional and technical skills, into your business with new higher and degree apprenticeships from the University of Wolverhampton.

With the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, there’s no better time to start planning your programme. Our apprenticeships are closing the skills gaps faced by employers, through work-based learning with training costs co-funded by the government.

How the University of Wolverhampton can help

Located on the University of Wolverhampton’s City Campus Molineux, the Apprenticeship Hub is a one-stop destination for employers, parents and apprentices.

To find out more, contact or visit:

Tel: 01902 323 127