Travel services apprenticeship

Travel services apprenticeship

The British are taking more and more holidays each year. While many book their own travel arrangements online, plenty of people prefer arranging holidays through bonded travel agents, travel agencies and tour operators. These services make up the travel services industry.

The Travel Services apprenticeship is perfect for those with a keen interest in travel – but it’s not a paid holiday. Working in this sector requires hard work, excellent customer service skills, and a firm grasp on product knowledge.

The apprenticeship has three pathways. The Leisure and Business route focuses on customer-facing roles like travel agent or business travel consultant. In the Tour Operator (Head Office) pathway, you could be working for an organisation like Thomas Cook and helping customers make travel plans by checking availability and costs, making bookings and processing payments. Many of these roles take place in call centres. Finally, on the specialist Tour Operator (Field Staff) pathway, you could provide support to customers on their holiday as a resort representative or tour guide.

After an apprenticeship, there are opportunities to progress to managerial roles within your organisation. If you work for a larger organisation, you might even get the chance to work further afield as resort staff or cabin crew.


Intermediate (Level 2); Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Intermediate Level – Travel consultant, Customer service advisor, Resort representative

Advanced Level – Senior travel consultant, Senior customer service advisor, Senior resort representative, Team leader

Issuing Authority:

People 1st –

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