Systems engineering apprenticeship

Systems engineering apprenticeship

The Systems Engineering Degree Apprenticeship aims to create rounded professional systems engineers who understand and can practise systems engineering.

Systems engineers focus on solving some of the most complex engineering challenges. They do this by collecting and organising all the information needed to understand the whole problem, exploring it from all angles, and then finding the most appropriate solution. A systems engineer typically works in either a ‘problem definition’ or ‘solution provider’ environment – mapping out the requirements for a complex system and defining architectures for different potential solutions; and then testing and accepting the designed solutions.

The Systems Engineering apprenticeship is primarily focused on the defence sector so you will need to have a good understanding of how military defence operates, how systems engineering is used and key factors such as safety, reliability and human factors. As an apprentice you will be able to undertake INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) practitioner-level systems engineering roles across defence projects but also in other sectors, since many of the core skills you gain will be transferable.

This apprenticeship will lead to a Masters (Level 7) qualification and entry requirements are therefore high. You will need to have GCSEs or equivalent Level 2 qualifications in English and maths and most employers will ask for an engineering degree or equivalent.

It will typically take between three and five years to complete a postgraduate diploma in systems engineering depending on the amount of academic study and relevant vocational experience achieved each year, and your needs as an apprentice.

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Level 7 (Degree Apprenticeship)

Postgraduate diploma in Systems Engineering

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Job roles:

Systems engineer

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