Sustainable resource management apprenticeship

The waste-management and recycling industry is developing rapidly as populations grow and governments and businesses look for alternatives to landfill sites for political, social, economic and environmental reasons.

The use of technology has become fundamental to the industry. There are many exciting changes happening and with this apprenticeship you could become involved.

Core areas within the waste management industry are: waste collection and transport; transfer stations and other Household Waste Recycling Centres; generating energy from waste (including thermal recovery processes and anaerobic digestion); recycling, processing and specialist operations; and landfill.

As an apprentice you would train ‘on the job’, learning all about different aspects of the waste management industry. You could undertake roles in the collection, transport, treatment and final management of waste and recyclables at both operator and supervisory levels.

As a Higher apprentice in Sustainable Resource Operations and Management, you will probably take on a more managerial role and could find yourself responsible for optimising the outputs from a treatment process, minimising waste within an organisation, site maintenance service contracts, traffic management, logistics, finance, staffing or any other aspects of leadership.

Your apprenticeship might be with a local authority, a large private employer, a small to medium-sized enterprise, or even within a voluntary organisation. Many jobs require work outdoors, so you should be prepared to work in any kind of weather. You might also need to deal with the general public so you should have a polite and courteous manner and be able to provide a good level of customer care.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3), Higher (Level 4)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Intermediate Level – Manual/Mechanical street cleanser, Compost technician, Recycling or refuse technician (Picker/Sorter/Driver/Loader), Environmental technician

Advanced Level – Sustainability officer, Recycling or refuse collection supervisor, Treatment supervisor

Higher Level – Fleet manager, Refuse manager, Landfill manager, Sustainability manager

Issuing Authority:

Energy & Utility Skills –

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