Capel Manor College: Annie Price

Capel Manor College: Annie Price

Annie has finished her trees and timber intermediate apprenticeship (level 2) at Capel Manor College and wants to progress to an advanced apprenticeship (level 3)

Annie loves the apprenticeship route of learning and it certainly suits her, as she won the award for Most Improved Trees and Timber Apprentice at Capel Manor College’s student awards.

Annie said: “I started the trees and timber apprenticeship to get the skills I needed to become a tree surgeon and my employer gets funding to help with my training. The training happens in one-week blocks at college, I then have time to apply and practise what I have learnt back at work with the support of my employer. I have learnt a great deal about the industry and love what I do more every day.”

“After passing my climbing and aerial rescue assessment, I started climbing at work under the supervision of my very knowledgeable and helpful colleagues. I am enjoying myself so much and am excited about improving my climbing skills and gaining experience over the next few years.”

“I have always had a keen interest in the outdoors and trees; it’s really nice being able to work outdoors and being able to use chainsaws is pretty exciting. Because I am a girl, people are always surprised when I tell them what I do.”

“As much as I love being a groundie and doing the work with the branches using a chipper and the ground-saws, my ultimate goal is to one day be a climber; being up in the trees is the fun side of the work and where I really want to be.”

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