Spectator safety apprenticeship

Spectator safety apprenticeship

Event stewards, marshals and ground safety officers are responsible for ensuring the health, safety and security of spectators attending large-scale sporting events, festivals, outdoor public events and local football matches.

They usher people in and out of venues, make sure that health and safety regulations are being followed and deal with incidents and queries – whether that’s helping someone to find the toilet, dealing with a lost child, caring for someone who has fainted, resolving conflicts or any of the thousand other things that could happen at a major public event.

On the Spectator safety apprenticeship you’ll learn how to prepare for spectator events; control the entry, exit and movement of people; and deal with accidents and emergencies. In general the public are an unpredictable lot and you’ll need to have the confidence to manage a crowd, good people skills and the ability to think on your feet.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):

Not available

Job roles:

Event steward, Marshal, Assistant ground safety officer, Senior steward, Ground safety officer

Issuing Authority:

SkillsActive – www.skillsactive.com

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