Spa therapy apprenticeship

Spa therapy apprenticeship

On a spa therapy apprenticeship you will learn to improve your clients’ overall wellbeing by providing a variety of body treatments, from facials to water treatments.

Spa therapists can offer relaxation treatments or focus on health and fitness by working alongside nutritionists.

The spa therapy industry is diverse and growing, with jobs available at home and abroad in resorts, on cruise liners and in health clubs. There’s also plenty of room for growth – you can extend your skills by gaining qualifications in holistic therapies, nutrition and first aid.

Spa Therapy is currently not available as an apprenticeship framework in England. Anyone wishing to work within the spa sector is recommended to undertake a Beauty Therapy apprenticeship.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3) – Beauty Therapy/Beauty Professional Apprenticeship Standard – Beauty Therapy Route

Starting salary:


A spa therapist income will be above the minimum wage. Some specialist spa therapists will earn a high income depending on their area of expertise.

Job roles:

Spa therapist

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