Social media and digital marketing apprenticeship

Social media and digital marketing apprenticeship

A Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship will give you the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in digital marketing

Digital marketing and the use of social and digital media is a key part of the marketing strategy for most businesses today.

Digital marketing is more than just online advertising to promote products and services to potential customers, it makes use of all forms of social media and metrics based on well-developed customer relationship management systems. This can be via any Internet-connected devices, including smart phones and game consoles; and as technology continues to develop, the digital marketing potential will only increase.

Although the social media industry is still relatively young, many companies are already seeing the benefits of using it as a platform to target over 500 million active Facebook users, 105 million registered users on Twitter and 75 million professionals on LinkedIn.

Businesses need the support of a skilled workforce to enable them to make the best use of this new marketing device. The growth of social media and digital marketing has been rapid and the majority of users are self-taught. This apprenticeship provides more formal training for the industry and will help to broaden knowledge and skills as the sector emerges and grows.

A Social Media and Digital Marketing apprenticeship could see you working in roles such as a social media assistant, social media analyst, digital marketing assistant or digital communications officer. Your tasks could include managing online communities, using the Internet or social media for marketing campaigns, writing copy and creating websites, or managing blogs.

In all roles you will be helping your business to promote, utilise and increase its presence through the Internet and social media. You will also be contributing to the Government’s Digital Britain strategy, which aims to ensure that Britain stays at the leading edge of the global digital economy.

You can gain the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in Digital Marketing through the Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business as part of an Advanced apprenticeship, which also provides key competency skills to progress to the new Level 4 Digital Marketing Higher Apprenticeship.


Advanced (Level 3 – Social Media; Digital Marketing); Higher (Level 4 – Digital Marketing)

Starting salary (once qualified):

average starting salary is around £35,000

Job roles:

Social media assistant, Social media consultant, Social media analyst, Digital account assistant, Digital marketing assistant, Digital communications officer, SEO assistant, Acquisition assistant, Email campaign assistant, Online marketing coordinator, Marketing assistant (Search, Display, Content, Mobile), eCommerce assistant, Website content manager, Web design assistant, Video marketing production assistant, Digital marketing manager

Issuing Authority:

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