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Making a big difference to people’s lives

Stephanie Taylor is a support worker taking an apprenticeship in health and social care with Skills for Care. She is particularly interested in working with people who have mental health issues.

After leaving school, Stephanie worked in childcare for two years before moving on to work for a behavioural consultancy that supported children and young people who had various issues that impacted on their education. She has a personal interest in pursuing a career in mental health, having already supported family and friends with mental health issues. While exploring employment opportunities, she came across an apprenticeship in health and social care. It offered her the chance to gain experience in social care and, more specifically, mental health.

“I was astounded to learn of such a wide variety of social care roles. Because I have a natural empathy towards supporting people with mental health issues, I grabbed the apprenticeship opportunity.”

Stephanie works as a support worker. For her, part of the excitement of the support worker role is the variety it offers: she can often be found supporting up to five residents, each with unique needs, on a one-to-one basis.

Stephanie has felt overwhelmed with the level of support received from both internal and external colleagues, including her manager, peers and trainers, external social workers, hospital staff and other agencies with whom best practice and ideas are often shared.

“I started on an apprenticeship and am very grateful for that opportunity,” said Stephanie. “It’s a fantastic pathway into social care. I would highly recommend working in this sector as you can really make a big difference to people’s lives.”