Skills for Care

Skills for Care


An opportunity to restart your career

Jade has been able to raise her family while completing her apprenticeship at Sorelle Support, specialising in autism, with Skills for Care.

Jade Curtis chose a career in social care because she wanted to help people. From helping her disabled cousin as a child, she wanted to put what she’d learnt from caring for her into helping other people.

“I could see that by putting me through the apprenticeship scheme at Sorelle Support, my employer was investing in me as an employee – giving me the chance to grow, learn more and achieve career prospects.”

While working towards her qualifications, Jade has been able to raise a family at the same time, so it’s fitted really well within her life. There have been other benefits too: “Through the apprenticeship scheme I have gone from just being a carer to a confident person with knowledge in my field,” she says.

From her experience, Jade thinks an apprenticeship is a good thing for people who have been to school and got their qualifications, but who are not too sure of what to do: “It can be great for when you’re older and have been out of school for a while. With job-based learning, you can be in the sector you want to be in and learn while you’re earning.”

With regards to progressing further in social care, Jade says: “I definitely think that I can see a career path in front of me. I know this can lead me into all different directions in this sector; there are opportunities that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t have joined this apprenticeship scheme.”