Skills for Care

Skills for Care


Inspired by a background in care

Past experience helped Daisy become an apprentice care assistant at Countywide Caring

Daisy Faulkner was inspired to start a career in social care after looking after her grandmother with dementia. This experience made her realise she wanted to help people, and when she started her social care apprenticeship, she knew it was where she wanted to be. Daisy chose an apprenticeship because it would provide her with a wider knowledge and experience than doing a diploma in Health and Social Care.

“The knowledge you have before [the apprenticeship] is still important, and it’s still enough to be able to do the job. But to actually understand what is going on – it’s so much better than just going out and shadowing,” says Daisy.

Thanks to the apprenticeship, Daisy says her confidence has grown. “When I first started I didn’t have any confidence or belief in myself. I’d always ring up the office ans ask ‘Am I doing this right?’ ‘Can I do this?’ ‘Should I do that?’ – whereas now I know that I’m good at what I do. I love my job and I know that I can help other people because I’m confident enough to do that.”

Like many other apprentices, Daisy firmly believes that her apprenticeship will help her develop her career in the social care sector: “I’ve already completed my Level 2 and now I’m working on my Level 3. I know I will go on to do my Level 5 and one day I will be sat in my boss’s seat. That is it! I’ve got the motivation now and, most importantly, I want to do it!”