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University or college isn’t always for everyone.

‘Hands on learning’ such as an apprenticeship allows you to experience the real world of work and helps pave the way to a rewarding career. With the added bonus of gaining qualifications and a wage, you will soon see the value of an apprenticeship in today’s competitive job market.

At Seetec, we work with young people and employers to deliver the very best apprenticeships in skills areas that are at the forefront of many successful businesses.

We have three academies of learning that offer apprenticeships:

  • Business Academy: Business administration; Customer Service; Team Leading and Management; and Accountancy
  • Digital Academy: IT User; IT Pro; and Social Media and Marketing
  • Service Academy: Retail; Hospitality; Recruitment; and Contact Centre


Contact us today to find an apprenticeship that will kick-start your career.

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