Science manufacturing technician apprenticeship

Science manufacturing technicians work in a wide range of companies, including chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nuclear manufacturing.

The role of a science manufacturing technician is to operate the systems and equipment involved in the production of products. As an apprentice you will learn to start up, operate and shut down a manufacturing batch or continuous process in line with the appropriate standard operating procedures and understanding the principles of operation. You will need to be able to work safely in a science manufacturing environment, and follow quality procedures to meet the required standards and regulations. You may be required to monitor the process or plant and equipment and complete documentation relevant to the manufacturing process, including relevant calculations.

As an apprentice your working conditions could be varied and might include wearing specialist safety equipment, shift work and working on sites that run operations 365 days of the year. Many companies within the science industry are highly regulated and you will need to show that you can comply with your organisation’s safety and regulatory requirements.

Upon completion of your apprenticeship you may be eligible to register as an engineering technician (Eng Tech) with the Engineering Council.


Level 3 (Advanced)

Starting salary (once qualified):

not available

Job role:

Science manufacturing technician

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