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Remit Training delivers structured apprenticeship programmes in the motor, IT, business, food, hospitality, and health and social care industries across the UK.

Business and IT

Remit works alongside award winning businesses in the IT industry to deliver a robust range of qualifications, from sales to technical training. In partnership with businesses such as Softcat, CCS Media and XMA, Remit is currently working with hundreds of young people, building their skills and knowledge, while they develop their role within a business.

Apprenticeships are also offered to those looking to develop their business administration skills. This qualification serves to build an apprentice’s core skills from filing and invoicing to sorting out wages, dealing with customer and other office tasks.

Remit is there to ensure an apprenticeship works for both the individual and the employer.

Customer service and retail

Excellent customer service can make the difference between a sale and a lost customer, a resolved issue and a logged complaint. Remit’s customer service and retail team is dedicated to making sure apprentices working with its partner businesses are knowledgeable, reliable and professional in their customer service roles.

Big business such as Nandos, Starbucks, Wagamama, Itsu, Laura Ashley, WH Smiths and the BodyShop put their trust in Remit to deliver quality customer service apprenticeships, helping to develop the skills of their employees and building their confidence to become true company ambassadors.

Health and social care

Remit’s experienced health and social care team works with apprentices across the country, helping to develop their skills and knowledge for working with people with specific needs, such as the elderly, disabled people and those with learning difficulties.

From supporting patients with day-to-day tasks, such as getting dressed, shopping, serving food and changing bedding, apprentices are supported in their development for such responsible roles.

Training is delivered in and around the workplace, minimising disruption to the learner’s day-to-day job and helping Remit’s apprentice development coaches to observe apprentices and support them in their progression.

Hospitality and travel

When you walk into a branch of Starbucks, or sit down for a meal in Nandos, Wagamama, Bella Italia or Las Iguanas, the chances are the young person serving you is being trained by Remit’s hospitality team.

Covering a number of roles within the hospitality and travel industry, Remit’s dedicated team delivers a range of training, from team leading and ILM management, to customer service, barista and food production qualifications.

Training is tailored to suit each employer, ensuring the day-to-day activity of the business is not significantly affected, while still giving each apprentice an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge.

Manufacturing, processing and logistics

Developing the skills, knowledge and efficiency of your employees in the world of manufacturing, processing and logistics, can be the key difference between a product coming to market or not.

The Remit food team works alongside organisations such as Nature’s Way and Tulip to ensure some basic skills are enhanced, as well as supporting those who need to focus on building their communication and English skills.

Working closely with existing teams, Remit’s knowledgeable and experienced apprentice development coaches, work hand-in-hand with food employers to not only develop the individual apprentice, but to look at how they fit into the organisation, and how their skills can be best used.

Vehicles and transport

 Remit’s long history working with the automotive industry has continued to build this year, with the national training provider launching its brand new Automotive Academy in 2017.

This state of the art facility, based in the heart of the country, has been designed to offer practical and theory learning areas, for apprentices on block release from their garages. Both light vehicle and heavy vehicle technicians, as well as body repair and paint apprentices, have the chance to work on cars and lorries within the facility.

From big names such as Euro Car Parts and Available Car, to the hundreds of independent garages across the country, Remit delivers quality training and offers a range of support, to help young people grow and development.

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