Rail engineering overhead line construction apprenticeship

Rail engineering overhead line construction apprenticeship

The definition of overhead line construction is the construction of wires, suspended over the railway line, to supply electricity to electric trains, together with the associated fittings, insulators, switches, conductors and other attachments that together make up overhead line equipment.

Overhead line workers and skilled technicians play a key role in making sure that the infrastructure systems are put in place to the correct standards. They form part of a highly skilled team of workers that ensure the running of the railway system is safe and efficient.

As an Intermediate Level apprentice, you will work under direction to undertake construction, renewal, enhancements and modification of overhead line systems. You will be required to follow instructions to assemble overhead line components in line with detailed specification, using lifting and access equipment while working at heights.

On the Advanced Level Rail Engineering Overhead Line Construction apprenticeship you will be placed in a more senior role. From senior linesperson to technical engineer, your responsibilities will include leading the team that are undertaking construction, renewal, enhancement and modification of the overhead line systems.

Due to the safety-critical nature of this role, you should be prepared to go through checks for physical health including hearing and eyesight (colour blindness), tests for drugs and alcohol abuse, and to undergo checks through the Criminal Records Bureau.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:

Not available

Job roles:

Overhead line construction linesperson, Senior overhead line construction linesperson, Overhead line technical engineer

Issuing Authority:

Semta – www.semta.org.uk

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