RAF: Competing in the kitchen

RAF: Competing in the kitchen

Meet Norbert, a chef with the Royal Airforce (RAF), a multiple award winner, a deployment to the Falklands under her belt, and a keen netball player

“My journey began at RAF Halton in 2013. I then progressed onto my trade training at RAF Worthy Down, where I was awarded best student. My first posting was to RAF Benson in 2014, where I am currently.

I quickly gained experience in my trade. This cultivated confidence and empowered me to compete in the RAF Skills Culinary Competition and ‘Exercise Joint Caterer’, achieving ‘Gold’ in the Junior Chicken and Open Caribbean category. In 2015, I was named Student Chef of the Year and Best Female Competitor in 2016.

Out of the kitchen, I have helped organise a 30-mile charity walk to raise funds for a local physically impaired children’s charity and undertook a deployment to the Falklands in 2016, where I worked at the bases to feed more than 1,000 personnel. I also play netball and organised a battlefield tour. If you want to do something outside of the day job, the RAF will support you.”

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