Product design and development engineer apprenticeship

Product design and development engineer apprenticeship

The automotive industry is always looking ahead to the future and product designers and engineers work together to determine the look and feel of new cars and other forms of transport, and ensure that they run as fast and as fuel efficiently as possible. Its an exciting industry to work in and the skills of product design and development engineers will help to shape transport for the future, influencing among other things how our cars will look and function, and the impact they will have on the environment.

Product design and development engineers work on all the stages needed to create and modify products and their component parts. They determine whether early concepts are feasible, use computer-aided design (CAD) to create models, and support other activities and stages right through to the final preparation of a product for launch. This includes working in concept studios, rapid prototyping, assembly, testing, validating and analysing performance. Product design and development engineers work closely with suppliers and managers to bring new concepts to life or contributing to redesigns of existing products.

The first stage of your apprenticeship will be to complete a foundation stage where you will develop a solid grasp of the core engineering skills that will prepare you for the workplace. These will include making components using hand-fitting techniques, producing electrical or electronic drawings or models using CAD, preparing and using lathes, milling and other general or specialist high-tech equipment, and using computer software to assist with engineering activities. At this stage you will complete an HND or Foundation degree which will also teach you the fundamental scientific and mathematical principles that you will need to understand in order to operate effectively and efficiently at a high level within the sector.

The development stage will develop your general engineering skills in specialist areas; you may also take on relevant supportive functions to provide a good breadth of experience. By the end of your apprenticeship, you will be able to project manage various engineering activities, establish design briefs, present and discuss technical proposals, and demonstrate technical and commercial management in planning and managing tasks and resources. You will build on your foundation knowledge by completing a BSc (Hons) or BEng (Hons) in Engineering.

This is a Degree Apprenticeship and will typically take five to six years to complete. After successfully completing your apprenticeship you will be eligible to register as an engineering technician (EngTech) with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.


Level 6 (Degree Apprenticeship)

BSc (Hons) or BEng in Engineering

Starting salary:

not available

Job role:

Product design and development engineer

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