Port operations apprenticeship

Port operations apprenticeship

Port operations covers the work that goes on in sea, river and inland waterway ports, harbours, quays, terminals, wharves, jetties, related facilities and the associated handling and logistics operations.

Your roles as an apprentice could include helping with the loading and unloading of cargo by various means including lifting equipment and vehicles; working safely with hazardous cargo and in potentially hazardous environments; responding to emergency situations; storing, receipt and dispatch and berthing and establishing vessel access.

Career opportunities – if you have enough skill and drive, you can continue your career along the port route by progressing to port operations supervisor, port commercial or port management roles. Alternatively, you can move into related maritime industries such as the Merchant Navy, sea fishing, offshore support and tug boat work. These industries recognise the expertise you have gained while working in the ports sector and may provide you with further opportunities to develop your career.

Location – There are a number of large ports located around the country which could provide job opportunities.

Careers – You can find more information on careers at www.portskillsandsafety.co.uk.


Intermediate (Level 2)

Starting salary:

Those working in port operations receive a good salary based on the responsibilities of their job. There could be unsocial hours and many operate a shift system

Job roles:

Port operative

Issuing Authority:

Maritime Skills Alliance – www.maritimeskills.org