Policing apprenticeship

Policing apprenticeship

The Advanced Level Policing apprenticeship, developed with the support of the Royal Military Police (with involvement from other Defence Police Forces), forms part of the justice system’s plans to develop a clear framework of qualifications for policing and law enforcement across the UK.

It is designed to attract new people into the policing services, to increase the skills of the workforce and to provide routes into other roles. The justice system employs up to quarter of a million people in policing and law enforcement.

On the Defence Policing pathway you would work as a Non Commissioned Officer carrying out investigations into criminal offences such as thefts, assaults and traffic accidents. You would also undertake some administrative duties, including completing forms, writing reports and liaising with colleagues. You need to have a mature, determined and self-confident attitude. Investigating and detecting crime demands an inquisitive but open mind, as well as a genuine interest in police work. You will be able to work unsupervised, and to think and act independently. An honest nature is vital as police officers have a high level of responsibility; applicants should not have any civil convictions.

You can apply for the Defence Policing pathway via application to the Royal Military Police. You will need to complete the Army’s phase 1 basic training and be selected for the Royal Military Police. The training will give you the basic military skills to undertake the duties required of a soldier and will prepare you for further stages of training. You must be prepared to be posted anywhere within the UK or overseas.

Completing the Policing Apprenticeship will stand you in good stead for further job roles within the Royal Military Police. You may also be able to progress onto Higher Education courses, such as Criminology, Criminal Law, Forensic Science and Community Justice.

On average, completion of the Apprenticeship takes approximately 14 months.


Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:

£23,000– £25,000

Job role:

Non-commissioned officer

Issuing Authority:

Skills for Justice – www.sfjuk.com