Photo imaging apprenticeship

Photo imaging apprenticeship

The photo imaging sector requires a workforce with a wide-ranging skill set, combining technical proficiency with creativity, visual awareness and business acumen.

If you enter the industry you will need to be motivated and self-sufficient, committed and enthusiastic. Employers are looking for dedicated people, so it is important that you can show an active interest in what they do.

Career success typically requires a strong passion for the subject and a high level of entrepreneurial ability. Competition is vigorous, especially for photographers, and the rewards vary greatly depending on the skills and specialisms of the individual photographer. That said, the work is usually interesting and seldom routine.

The Advanced Level apprenticeship in Photo Imaging is designed to give you the skills to work in the photo-imaging sector, within photographer or non-photographer roles, in a range of settings.

There are job opportunities for photographers in the armed forces and the police, in photographic studios or as schools or event photographers. Non-photographer roles for apprentices include minilab printer, digital imaging technician and picture library keyworder. Freelancing is common within the sector so you will also need to consider this form of employment to progress your career.


Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Trainee/assistant photographer, Trainee/assistant staff photographer, Trainee investigative/crime scene photographer, Junior minilab printer, Junior digital imaging technician, Picture library keyworder

Issuing Authority:

Creative Skillset –