Papermaker apprentice

Papermaker apprentice

Papermakers work in a wide range of manufacturing organisations where many different types of papers and board are produced for a wide variety of end uses, such as newspaper, office papers, packaging, tissue, security, medical, currency and even tea bags!

Paper can be made from natural fibres such as soft and hard woods, abaca, bagasse, cotton and esparto depending on the product and paper machine being used.

Papermakers manufacture paper products from raw materials using a variety of equipment such as debarkers, pulpers, de-inkers, beaters, refiners and site-specific paper machines.

On a papermaking apprenticeship you will learn to operate machinery both individually, or as part of a team, to convert raw materials to paper products. You will work in an operator or assistant role in the following processes: pulping, drying, reeling, coating, basic maintenance and quality control testing. You will be able to work with minimum supervision and will gain a good working knowledge of the entire papermaking process.


Level 3 (Advanced)

Starting salary:

Not available

Job roles:


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