Operations and quality improvement apprenticeship

Manufacturing is one of the largest industries – nearly everything we use, eat, drink or travel in has been manufactured to one degree or another.

Many companies are introducing lean manufacturing and continuous improvement techniques to improve productivity and competitiveness and to help UK manufacturers to withstand stiff international competition from places such as China and the Pacific rim. The highest performing companies in the UK are those that train their employees in the latest business improvement techniques.

The Advanced Level Operations and Quality Improvement apprenticeship sets out the skills, knowledge and understanding you will require to support businesses to identify and then deliver continuous and sustainable quality, cost and delivery improvements for existing or new products, processes and/or services. You will learn how to apply the proven tools and techniques of continuous improvement that help increase performance by reducing or eliminating anything that does not add value for the customer, reducing variation and preventing defects.

Suitable candidates will have achieved an NVQ Level 2 and/or Level 3 or equivalent in a relevant sector/occupation such as engineering, manufacturing or science, or completed an Intermediate Level apprenticeship in the relevant sector (such as Engineering Manufacture or Improving Operational Performance) or potentially have 5 GCSEs, or equivalents including English, maths and science (grade C or above) or A-levels or equivalents in maths, science, business or another vocational subject relevant to the sector.

This apprenticeship will appeal to those willing to undertake a course of training both on- and off-the-job and who can apply this learning in the workplace. Successful applicants will have an analytical mind and an aptitude for finding solutions to problems, and will enjoy working as part of a team


Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Business improvement coordinator, Lean manufacturing facilitator, Production team leader, Six Sigma quality and reliability coordinator

Issuing Authority:

Semta – www.semta.org.uk

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