Operational delivery officer apprenticeship

Operational delivery officer apprenticeship

Operational delivery officers have the vital job of keeping the country running, supporting the needs of the most vulnerable individuals and keeping the UK’s borders secure.

They make sure that citizens get the services and protection they need, and help people understand what is available and what they need to do to comply with the rules.

Operational delivery officers make a difference every day to the lives of millions of people. They do hundreds of jobs in most departments and agencies in central government. They also work in local government, delivering services for towns, cities, boroughs or counties.

As an apprentice operational delivery officer you will work on the front line in a public-facing environment. You will deal with a variety of different customers and deliver a range of public services. Depending on your employer, and what they are responsible for, you could find yourself working in any occupational delivery area of central or local government. Your role could include:

  • Assessing and collecting various taxes across central and local government
  • Giving people welfare or pensions advice, or supporting them to get back to work
  • Issuing UK passports and making decisions about who has the right to visit or to stay in the country
  • Processing driving licence applications
  • Supporting citizens in court
  • Validating peoples’ identities, and carrying out background checks or interviews
  • Carrying out searches on people, vehicles, freight and baggage
  • Collecting outstanding debts
  • Stopping entitlements for people who should not be getting them
  • Rehabilitating offenders and supporting victims and witnesses
  • Responding to outbreaks and incidents, co-ordinating information and deploying resources.

To be succesful in this role you will need to be able to communicate effectively, in a clear and concise way, using letters, e-mails or social media, over the phone, or face-to-face.

Whatever your role, you will be required to put the obligations of public service above your own personal interests and serve the government impartially. You will deliver a service to a wide range of customers and will need to do so in a professional and non-judgmental way.


Level 3 (Advanced)

Starting salary (once qualified):

Around £18,000. Salaries vary according to the department you work in and the local authority you work for.

Job roles:

Operational delivery officer

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