Nuclear welding inspection technician apprenticeship

Nuclear welding inspection technician apprenticeship

Nuclear welding inspection technicians perform a quality control and welding inspection role for the nuclear industry.

They perform inspection work at nuclear licensed sites (waste management, decommissioning, construction and operational nuclear plants) or manufacturing facilities that supply the nuclear industry.

Inspections to ensure that welds are of the highest quality take place before, during and after welding.

As an apprentice nuclear welding inspection technician you will operate in a challenging environment where quality standards are paramount and safety is the overriding priority. Your work will involve carrying out detailed observations, making detailed records and giving technical feedback throughout the manufacturing process.

The working conditions are varied and you might find yourself wearing specialist safety equipment, and working shifts on sites and facilities that run operations 365 days of the year. You will be expected to work with minimum supervision, both individually and as part of an inspection team, and to take responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the work you undertake.

This apprenticeship will typically take four years to complete and you will need to achieve a Level 4 qualification in welding inspection. The knowledge and skills gained through the apprenticeship are specific for the nuclear industry.

For further information, contact the National Skills Academy for Nuclear:


Level 4 (Higher Apprenticeship)

Starting salary (once qualified):

not available

Job role:

Nuclear welding inspection technician

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