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Same qualification as college, but with the benefit of real work experience

Chloe Walker, 17, and Elodie, 18, are both apprentices at West Ham Olympic Stadium in Stratford and study at Newham College

Chloe and Elodie started their apprenticeships as office juniors while studying Level 2 and Level 3 Business Administration.

Based at the stadium, the girls work alongside the safeguarding and HR teams carrying out duties such as taking customer enquiries, document handling and recruitment. Chloe has also been working from West Ham Academy during player tours to ensure that the coach is provided with all of the necessary information. Both apprentices are given regular appraisals and training from their employer.

“Every Monday, we sit with our line manager to review our workload and we get a chance to discuss how we are getting on. Our feedback is always very positive and encouraging.”

We asked the girls why they decided to study an apprenticeship. Elodie said: “I get to continue my education and be independent while earning my own money. One advantage of working at West Ham is that there are many different departments – from marketing to HR and accounts. At the end of our apprenticeship, we get to choose which area that we want to work in.”

Chloe said: “In an apprenticeship you get treated like an adult and you get paid while you are working. You get the same qualification as in college, but with the benefit of getting real work experience. I already know what I want to progress to do once my apprenticeship is complete.”

After their apprenticeships, Chloe and Elodie both want to progress into full-time employment at the stadium.