Mineral products technology apprenticeship

Mineral products are extracted from the ground and used in their natural form or can be processed into bricks, concrete and asphalt. These are basic but essential products that help to build our houses, hospitals and schools, and our roads, railways and airports.

The world’s population is predicted to increase from 6.5 billion to 9 billion by 2050 and the demand for minerals is likely to rise. This diverse industry includes coal mining; peat extraction; mining of iron ore, uranium, thorium and other metal ores; quarrying of architectural stone, building stone and aggregates for construction, chalk and slate; operation of sand and gravel pits; mining of clays, kaolin and fertilizer minerals; salt production; and manufacture of cement, plaster and ready-mixed concrete.

On a Mineral Products Technology apprenticeship, you will probably start off as a trainee technical supervisor gaining experience and relevant qualifications in operational and supervisory aspects of the industry. This could lead on to more diverse supervisory or managerial roles in technical or production areas, or you might move into the commercial side of the business, perhaps in a sales role.

You will need to be able and willing to work outside, in all weather conditions and in remote locations. You could also be asked to work safely at heights or in enclosed spaces, perhaps below ground. Many of the larger companies operate sites across the world and you might get an opportunity to travel and gain international experience. This is an exciting and stimulating environment to work in and offers excellent pay, opportunities to travel, plus the chance to work with cutting-edge technology in a variety of disciplines.

To find out more visit any of the following:

Institute of Quarryingwww.quarrying.org

Institute of Asphalt Technologywww.instituteofasphalt.org

The Concrete Societywww.concrete.org.uk

UK Coalwww.ukcoal.com

Institute of Materials, Minerals and Miningwww.iom3.org


Higher (Level 4), Foundation degree (Level 5)

Starting salary (once qualified):

in the region of £21,000

Job roles:

Trainee technical supervisor

Issuing Authority:

Proskills UK Ltd – www.proskills.co.uk


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