Merchant Navy (deck or engineering)

The Advanced Level Merchant Navy (deck or engineering) apprenticeship is an excellent progression pathway if you are already working in the shipping industry as a qualified seafarer.

You could proceed to a higher level apprenticeship or HNC that will lead to a role as a junior Merchant Navy officer, working either on the bridge or in the engine room; alternatively you will become qualified to undertake able seafarer/crew member roles.

Depending on which pathway you choose, you could be assisting on the bridge with navigation and look-out duties, berthing and mooring operations, crew and vessel safety, or helping in the engine room with routine maintenance, repair and oversight of a vessel’s engines and ancillary mechanical and electrical systems.

Career opportunities – you can continue your career along the Merchant Navy route by progressing to junior Merchant Navy officer and other Merchant Navy officer positions. If you wanted to you could move into related maritime industries such as the ports, sea fishing, offshore support and tug boat work. These industries recognise the expertise you have gained while working in the Merchant Navy and may provide you with further opportunities to develop your career.

Location – Merchant shipping fleets can be found all over the world.

For current vacancies and wider careers information: contact the Merchant Navy Training Board –


Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:

Those working in the Merchant Navy receive a good salary based on the responsibilities of their job. There could be unsocial hours and many operate a shift system.

Job roles:

Trainee Merchant Navy officer, Junior Merchant Navy officer. Those following the Merchant Navy Advanced apprenticeship pathways will not be employed, but ‘sponsored’ by the company that recruits them.

Issuing Authority:

Maritime Skills Alliance –

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