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London South East Colleges


Meaningful training from a master technician

Joe Wood, 22, is an apprentice Motor Vehicle Mechanic with Ascott Cab Company studying at London South East Colleges

Joe has found his dream job with Ascott Cab Company and is studying one day each week at London South East Colleges on the Motor Vehicle level 3 course. At the end of his apprenticeship, he will be a fully qualified mechanic with over three years of work experience.

Joe says: “When I started my apprenticeship with Ascott Cabs, I was put under the supervision of their master technician and given proper, meaningful training and tuition from the outset. I had serious doubts about my ability to understand the workings of a car engine, it all looked so complicated. Now, I know every single component and how they work. I can strip down an engine and put it back together, diagnose faults and fix them, service a car and ensure it runs smoothly.

“I listen to other people complain about their humdrum jobs and I feel so lucky to have found something I really love. Ascott are going to send me to the new Geely manufacturing plant in Coventry once I have completed my level 3 course at college. I will be learning the specialist techniques involved in servicing and maintaining the new generation TX5 electric cabs that will be rolled-out on our streets over the coming years.”

Andy Ascott, a managing director at Ascott Cabs, says: “We have worked successfully with seven excellent apprentices provided by London South East Colleges. Apprenticeships work really well for us. It means that we play a massive part in their initial training and provide them with the skills we need as a business as well as those that lead them to a successful career. The college provides them with excellent ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment and facilities, health and safety training and all the necessary theoretical tuition. We are now looking for more apprentices to join us and our ever-expanding services to London’s black taxi trade.”