Live events and promotion apprenticeship

Live events and promotion apprenticeship

The live events and promotion apprenticeship covers everything to do with putting on a show or event – from promoting the event to staging it.

Live events can be indoor or outdoors, one-off events or tours, and small- to large-scale productions.

In recent years there has been growth in live outdoor and other special events, often on a grand scale – from Proms in the Park to Glastonbury – and these have often relied on unqualified and untrained staff to build temporary or travelling stages and to run spectacular events. The live events and promotion apprenticeship offers you an opportunity to get your foot in the door and to provide the industry with the technical, artistic and administrative skills it needs.

The Intermediate Level apprenticeship is suitable for those working in an administrative and/or support capacity. It addresses common skills and knowledge required in all aspects of putting on a show or event. Roles are diverse and you could train as venue and stage crew support, setting up the stage, instruments, sound and lighting for the live event, or as a sales and marketing assistant or booking agents assistant.

As an Advanced Level apprentice you could undertake activities to secure funding for a live event, support the licensing and permissions application processes, research and assess the appropriateness of a venue and contribute to the preparation of contracts. You might train as a music promotions assistant, events promotions assistant, events assistant, events/entertainment officer or production assistant, supporting the production manager to coordinate budgets, support the preparation of the performance and identify suppliers.

For all roles you will need to understand the importance of working in teams and be willing to work shifts and travel.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:

Salaries vary across the sector

Job roles:

Intermediate Level – Venue and stage support, Sales and marketing assistant, Booking agents assistant

Advanced Level – Music promotions assistant, Events promotions assistant, Events assistants, Events/Entertainment officer, Production assistant

Issuing Authority:

Creative and Cultural Skills –

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