Junior management consultant apprenticeship

Junior management consultant apprenticeship

When businesses struggle to keep themselves afloat, are looking to find new revenues, need to respond to market challenges or simply have a business problem they can’t solve, then they turn to management consultants for help.

Equally, in the public and not-for-profit sectors, management consultants are called upon to help restructure operations.

In a junior management consultant role, you will constantly be challenged to solve a business problem of some kind.  Some specialist consultancies have a particular focus, so you may find yourself writing proposals on how to change an organisation’s focus, or how to develop their workforce. Others are more general in their services, meaning that you could work across several different types of projects.

You could work on site with a client, conduct research, analyse and interpret data, or be responsible for organising the logistics of the project.  As you develop and progress, you might be involved in contributing to report writing which uses statistical evidence to support recommendations and conclusions, or support the creation of slide decks to deliver key messages to clients. You might become more focused on a particular type of service offering, such as financial, strategic, or operational. You could also develop a specialism in one type of industry such as financial services or telecommunications.

On a Junior Management Consultant apprenticeship you will learn how to speak and write clearly, influence others, actively listen, question effectively and structure conversations. In addition you will be expected to know how to support or run meetings and clearly present a point of view to audiences.  Some business recommendations can be controversial, so you should be aware of other people’s emotions and use this understanding to guide decisions.

You must also learn how to build rapport and trust, maintain relationships once they are built, and be able to repair them when they are damaged.


Higher (Level 4)

Starting salary:

Salaries vary widely but could be in the region of £25,000–£45,000

Job roles:

Junior management consultant

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