Jewellery, silversmithing and allied trades apprenticeship

Jewellery, silversmithing and allied trades apprenticeship

If you have a keen interest in working in the jewellery industry, an interest in the engineering, making, producing and design process, and good technical and creative skills, and/or strong hand-eye coordination, then a Jewellery apprenticeship could be right for you.

Over 9000 people work in the UK’s 1445 jewellery businesses, often as sole traders as well as in retail. Many more work in areas such as wholesale jewellery manufacture and distribution. Many designer-makers work in important creative roles but the sector lacks young people with an interest and aptitude for the manufacturing and technical roles within the industry.

On the Intermediate Level apprenticeship in Jewellery Manufacturing you could work as a jewellery technician, maintaining tools and machinery within the workshop and learning basic jewellery techniques. As a silversmith you would learn to design and make a wide range of objects, including cutlery, trophies and badges. Jobbing jewellers learn to repair, renovate and alter jewellery. Other roles include engraving, setting gemstones and polishing and finishing.

The Advanced Level apprenticeship has pathways that lead to more specialised roles within the industry. For example, on the Jewellery Manufacturing pathway you might train as a diamond mounter, creating precise items for expensive precious stones, often in traditional styles. Whichever pathway you follow you might work with machinery or by hand, using traditional techniques or state-of-the-art technology such as computer-aided design.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):

Variable – for specific job roles check the Creative Cultural Skills website

Job roles:

Intermediate Level – Goldsmith/Jeweller, Silversmith, Enameller, Engraver, Gem setter, CAD CAM worker, Polisher and finisher, Jobbing jeweller/Jewellery technician

Advanced Level – Diamond mounter, Goldsmith, Gem setter, Patternmaker, Silver spinner, Precious stone setter

Issuing Authority:

Creative and Cultural Skills –

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