IT application specialist apprenticeship

IT application specialist apprenticeship

The IT Application Specialist apprenticeship covers a wide range of general computing and IT skills that can be applied in many job roles and industries.

It’s almost impossible to picture a world without computers – businesses would grind to a halt, information would be incredibly slow to find, and there would be loads of paper to file away. Luckily, computers are here to stay, and each day their capabilities become more complex and powerful. That’s why IT is one of the most important industries out there.

Over 20 million people in the UK use IT in their jobs, but many struggle with applications and general computing skills. This apprenticeship will help you develop the skills you need for your job – whether for teaching someone in finance to process account details more efficiently; helping stock controllers keep track of merchandise; or helping a secretary set up an online company diary.

As an apprentice, you’ll learn how to operate computers and databases, as well as how to use and maintain IT systems and networks.

IT is an increasingly important area, and whatever role you take you’ll be part of a fast-moving, ever-changing sector.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):

varies once qualified

Job roles:

IT clerk, Website technician, Data administrator, Digital assistant

Issuing Authority:

The Tech Partnership –

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