International trade and logistics operations apprenticeship

Importers deal with bringing goods for sale into the UK from other countries, while exporters handle the procedures for taking goods out of the UK for sale in other countries.

This Intermediate Level International trade and logistics operations apprenticeship is designed for people who work in the import/export industry.

Importers and exporters work for import/export agencies or freight-forwarding firms, or may be employed by companies that handle their own export and import of goods. Import and export managers buy products and services from other countries or sell to them.

Clerks in freight forwarding, import and export are crucial in ensuring that documentation meets the legal requirements of each country. Depending on the size of the company, freight forwarding involves administration/customer service for processing export and insurance documentation, customs clearance and organising the movement of goods by road, rail, sea or air. You will work as part of a team arranging the import and export of goods on behalf of customers. Importers and exporters normally work standard office hours but, if negotiating with suppliers or customers in different time zones, they may need to work outside those hours. There could be a great deal of travel involved for people at more senior levels.

Apprentices should have good organisational and IT skills, be able to cope under pressure and, ideally, will have knowledge of other languages. Many companies ask for at least four GCSEs, including English and maths.


Intermediate (Level 2)

Starting salary (once qualified):

from £13,000 a year

Job roles:

Freight forwarded, Import/export clerk

Issuing Authority:

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