Interactive design and development apprenticeship

Interactive design and development apprenticeship

The creative and digital media industries are constantly changing and evolving. Digital technology is re-shaping the landscape and demanding new, highly specialised skills.

The higher interactive design and development apprenticeship provides a more specialised pathway for anyone involved with the design and development of interactive media products and includes the management of online communities, user experience and creative industry business techniques.

As an apprentice you could find yourself working in a number of different job roles. As an online community manager, you will manage online communities, forums and social media sites as well as managing data used in online communities. Or you could work as a user experience co-ordinator, where you might be involved in conducting user testing, monitoring and managing data, and usage of interactive products.

As a junior interactive product designer you would be responsible for designing interactive product content and the assets needed for these. This could include art design, copywriting for interactive products and user interface design. Finally, as a junior interactive product developer you will help develop user interfaces and interactive products, using code, software, advanced programming languages, scripts and testing systems.

As the interactive design and development apprenticeship is at a higher level, employers will expect you to have previous experience in a working environment. The apprenticeship will provide a progression route for learners from the Advanced Level apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media and related subjects, and is an alternative entry route into what has historically been a graduate industry which, it is hoped, will increase the diversity of the workforce.


Higher (Level 4)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Online community manager, User experience co-ordinator, Junior interactive product designer, Junior interactive product developer

Issuing Authority:

Creative Skillset –

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